Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

EP. 112 Innovating in Medicaid to provide health for all.

February 13, 2023

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Adimika Arthur, the Founding Executive Director of HealthTech for Medicaid (HT4M).  As a social entrepreneur, a relentless and passionate advocate, and an epidemiologist, Adimika is committed to making meaningful and measurable progress.  Don’t confuse her “toxic optimism” with her dogged resolve to make this world a better place.  HT4M is now into its fifth year with big plans to DISRUPT.  This includes determinants, designing with dignity and ensuring that there are dollars behind the needed innovations to support quality, equity and access to all Americans on Medicaid.


Hear Adimika talk about: