Inspiring Women with Betty Collins

Inspiring Women with Betty Collins

Now What? Pt 1

November 09, 2020

We ended this decade on such a high note. I began 2020 with a lot of optimism. I didn't think anything could get in our way; the marketplace was just roaring, and at this amazing speed. Not only Wall Street, but also Main Street, they were just hitting records.

But by the 1st of March and as March unfolded, I'm attending a board meeting at Brady Ware, where I'm on the board of directors to discuss corona; not the beer, but the coronavirus, and later renamed, of course, COVID-19. Our CEOs were saying, "How is this going to affect our business and should we be making plans?" I thought, "What for? What would we need to possibly do with this?"

But but we were ahead of the game, and on March 16 we were sending our employees home and restructuring how we did business. We were certainly not out of business, but we were certainly doing it differently.

Life absolutely stopped on a dime.

CPAs were considered essential, and so, I was in our office. There was no traffic. There was no one in the parking lot. I was here for mail and phones and different things while our people were home, safe. It was a lot of craziness; new wardrobes of masks and gloves; and "Wine with DeWine" became a big thing in Ohio.

We had endless days of phone calls. I felt like they would never end, especially in that first 30 days. Overwhelming legislation started taking place, and the word unprecedented - which I can hardly take - I have changed it to 'for such a time as this'. It sounds better than unprecedented times.

I'm asking the question every day, now what?

As a business owner and leader, I was amazed, as usual, at the resilience of the marketplace, not just in Columbus, but in the country.

The resilience of business owners, and our leadership from the federal to the state, to local levels. We go from this roaring speed to an absolute, screeching halt.

And even so, we jump in, as opposed to jump off.

We learn, we read, we apply for dollars, we use the word "pivot" every day. But not just for business, our personal life too.

By mid-year, the roller coaster ride had slowed down for some businesses and owners. We were getting a little more comfortable, till those things called "spikes" came into play. Then June and July brought assessing the damage. It's like, "The tornado went through. Now, what do I have?"

The impact was both negative and positive. I think many of my clients are amazed at how they're doing.

I think others are devastated.

But whether you are devastated or the opportunity was just amazing, we're tired. We're all tired, I think.

So, now what?

Fortunately, the basics of business have not gone anywhere, it's just the approach. In our personal lives, I think it's been a more of an assessment of what is important.

We start by taking a deep breath and focusing, and we put our energy into actions. I'm going to talk about these actions you need take...

* Know* Assess* Move* Reflect* Embrace

These are all actions, and it means you have to do something.

After you listen to this episode, go to and look up Betty Collins, my podcast will be right there. There will be handouts that summarize all this.

I'd love to talk to you about it, because it's something that I'm passionate about. Because when the marketplace works in this country, the country works. Right now,