Inspiration to Publication

Inspiration to Publication

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Writing as Meditation: Creating Your Writing Life
May 20, 2022

Let's meditate together! This podcast is going to be a little different. In this podcast, we're going to chat about how you can view writing as part of your meditative practice. We'll also do a writerly meditation where you can visualize your best self, l

Creating Children's Books
April 29, 2022

Interested in writing a children's book? This podcast will walk you through content creation, illustrations, and other publishing aspects to keep in mind as you empower the minds of tomorrow. IG: @editor_carolineWebsite: editorcaroline.comSponsor: Rhapsod

He Said, She Said: The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Dialogue
April 22, 2022

Do you know the best practices of writing dialogue? Is it something that you feel like you're not the best at? Check out Caroline's tips and tricks for the most effective ways to write conversations in your fiction, non-fiction, and children's book titles

Ask for Permission, Not Forgiveness
April 15, 2022

Can you use song lyrics in a book? What about poems? How do you cite appropriately in academic and fiction works? What the heck are subsidiary rights? Your burning questions about copyright and permissions are covered in this episode. IG: @editor_caroline

Tearing Down the Walls: Overcoming Barriers to Your Writing
January 11, 2021

Think you don't have time to write? Maybe you're hung up on grammar or self-edits. Let's break down some of the myths that might be preventing you from meeting your writing goals. Thanks to our sponsor, Rhapsody in Blooms. 

There are no Rules, Only Principles
December 30, 2020

I get asked a lot of people could or should put things in their books. Let's dispel some of the myths of writing and what rules and principles you should be abiding by. For more information: editorcaroline.comCheck out our sponsor for today's ep

Finding Inspiration in a Pandemic
November 13, 2020

Season 2 kicks off with an honest topic: how do we find the inspiration and wherewithal to keep writing during a global pandemic. Host, Caroline Smith, will give you some ideas to keep that pen or keyboard occupied. This episode is sponsored by Rhapsody..

Non-Fiction Pt. 2: Books for Your Business
November 15, 2019

Are you an entrepreneur or someone who feels like they might benefit from having a leave-behind marketing strategy? Check out this episode where we'll talk about how to leverage your story to help grow your marketing. Interested in learning more? Fol

Non-Fiction Pt. 1: Writing Your Life (Memoirs)
November 01, 2019

So you've thought about writing your life story, but where do you begin? Not at the beginning. We'll talk about all the best practices for what to include in your memoir that will be marketable to a wider audience. Interested in learning more? F

Writing Fiction Pt. 2: The 5 Stages
October 18, 2019

We're breaking down fiction and making it even easier to finish that book by looking at specific ways to structure your characters, settings, motivation, and world-building so that you can create a fully developed world. Interested in learning more? Follo