Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss

Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss

Having Sway – Danielle Wiley on Influencer Marketing

June 17, 2021

Danielle Wiley was recently included in the Talking Influence “Top 50” list. And the agency she founded, Sway Group was one of just three influencer agencies for the “2020 Chief Marketer 200”. So it's a safe bet that she has something to say about #influencermarketing. And that's what she did, in Epi 32 of Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss.

Wiley explained how to look at the KPIs of influencer marketing a little bit differently, and the varied ways to determine impact and engagement. This 30-minute conversation gives you a chance to understand much more -- not just about how this food writer became a marketer, but how cause-marketing is an essential ingredient in influencing consumers these days. Since Sway has embraced digital advertising, both programmatic and paid social, and built its own content studio, it's a chat that touches on many aspects of the wide world of marketing.

But host E.B. Moss and guest Danielle Wiley found common roots - discovering they were each early stage marketers at Food Network just a few years apart! Wiley, though, had also been a baker and a cheesemonger at one point and leveraged her culinary chops to now name several brands in or around that category as clients, including Igloo, Coleman, and Domino's. Hear more of how Wiley's evolution led to broader accolades, and:
How these days it's essential for influencers to be trusted and authentic;
How Sway itself evolved away from the "Hollywood agent" business model to be able to scale and replicate requests -- whether for moms of bedwetters or people who picnic with pizza...;
How brands solve for the demand for content tonnage across multiple channels -- which sparked the birth of a Sway content studio
Why the most important step in the strategic brief is a deep dive into the brand's KPIs -- impressions? engagement? -- and why sometimes you can't have both.

Enjoy this "influential conversation" about marketing with E.B. Moss and Danielle Wiley of Sway Group.