Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss

Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss

Robyn Streisand, CEO, The Mixx: DEI as Key Marketing Ingredient

March 25, 2021

Robyn Streisand went from a Fortune 500 brand to running The Mixx, her own marketing agency, with a twist. At the time certification as a woman-owned or LBGT-owned business did not exist. 25 years later she is not only fully certified, but helps other agency owners and brands to leverage #DEI -- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -- in media and marketing.

Part of that help came about through creating Titanium Worldwide, "the world’s first collective of certified-diverse independent agencies." In this episode she explains the how and why of embracing people of all stripes and varieties as a business opportunity. After all, marketing comes down to “People. People Who Need People” buy things.

For Episode 27 of Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss hear this marketing maven speak about:
-- The value of certifications -- for business owners as well as the brands seeking diverse suppliers, from WBENC, which certifies businesses as woman-owned and operated, to NGLCC (the LBGT 'Chamber of Commerce'), to the NMSDC, which has the largest number of certified minority-run businesses;

-- How the rise in both consumer demand and procurement department mandates that purpose be built into marketing created a bit of a COVID silver lining for The Mixx and Titanium

-- Examples of brands embracing DEI -- and how the anniversary of Stonewall sparked the start of more and more inclusive marketing efforts around more and more groups

-- How pressure from the streets is being matched by pressure from The Street -- Wall Street!

-- The added pressure to recognize the power of Gen Z which "is coming like a bat outta hell!"

-- The essential need to communicate authentic brand purpose

-- Where brands are focusing their dollars -- or not

-- Advice and caveats for the future

-- Why Streisand describes work around sustainability as the 2.0 of DEI

And don't miss the answer to the big question: Will host E.B. Moss actually dare to sing to a member of the Streisand clan in this episode?