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Inside Enduro Podcast #15 | Brian "McGnarls" McCarty
April 20, 2021

Inside Enduro's James Stearns has a conversation with Freestyle Motocross Athlete, Brian McCarty.Check out Brian's social media:

Inside Enduro Podcast #14 | Keith Curtis
April 01, 2021

Inside Enduro's James Stearns sits down with Polaris Factory racer, Keith Curtis, to unveil Keith's signing with Factory 1 Sherco to realize his dream as a dual-sport professional athlete. Enjoy!Chec

A Cure for Arm Pump - Inside Enduro Ft. Dr. McGinley
February 18, 2021

James talks about his recent arm pump surgery experience, arm pump cures, and more with Dr. Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD.For questions or more information regarding The McGinley Clinic - https://www

Future of U.S.A. Hard Enduro w/ Josh Schaecher || Inside Enduro Podcast #12
January 22, 2021

James & Matt Spears talk with Josh Schaecher - Track Manager of the KENDA AMA Extreme Championship.Connect with Inside Enduro!Check out our Website: our Ins

Inside Enduro Podcast #11 | James, Matt, & Matt
December 05, 2020

James, Matt Dewar, and Matt Spears talk shop.Connect with Inside Enduro!Check out our Website: our Instagram:

Inside Enduro Podcast #10 | Jake Baumert & Dwight Dillon
October 03, 2020

James talks with professional Motocross racers Jake Baumert & Dwight Dillon.Connect with Inside Enduro!Check out our Website: our Instagram: https://www.ins

Inside Enduro Podcast #9 | We're back!
September 25, 2020

James and Matt talk shop after being away for a long, long time.Connect with Inside Enduro!Check out our Website: our Instagram:

Inside Enduro Podcast #8 Kevin Miller
June 14, 2019

An entertaining evening with the one and only Kevin Miller. Kevin is a life-long dirt bike maverik who just wants to ride. He has raced the Red Bull Romaniacs, and for the past 10+ years has returned to Romania to ride the mountains at the amazing Cheile.

Inside Enduro Podcast #7 Destry & Cooper Abbott
March 28, 2019

Off-road racing legend Destry Abbott holds 10 major championships, including 5 AMA National Hare & Hound, and 7 gold medals from the International Six Days Enduro. He owns DA8 Training, which offers a wide variety of services ranging from one on one coac.

Inside Enduro Podcast #6 Scott Booth
March 13, 2019

James chats with our special guest, Scott Booth. Scott was visiting from England, and he shares the love of motorbikes and racing. On a different note, he recently purchased a Rolls Royce Merlin engine that came from the Spitfire fighter aircraft that ha.