Inside The Recording Studio

Inside The Recording Studio

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HOW TO FIX A MUDDY MIX: Chris & Jody’s 5 Favorite Ways To Reduce The Mud
March 25, 2022

Chris and Jody deliver on multiple ways to help remove the "mud" from your mixes. We walk thru the various areas of the mix process. The arrangement, the dynamics, the EQ and special softwares. Plus w

The Eye On The Prize With Adam Moseley: from the early beginnings to being a producer and more
March 18, 2022

Chris and Jody involve the inimitable Adam Moseley in an amazing interview. We trek thru his early beginnings and dive into multiple stories. The eye on the prize about being a producer. How about sta

How To Enhance Vocals With Out of Time Delays
March 11, 2022

Chris and Jody take on a way to help enhance your vocal mixes. The Delay. We mention various ways to use delays, primarily ones that are not perfectly synced to enhance the way the vocal sits in a mix

Control Surfaces: What They Are And Why You Need To Be Aware Of Them
January 14, 2022

Chris and Jody take a good look at using Control Surfaces. We give you the rundown on some of the history of control surfaces. We also discuss some of the different types of control surfaces there are

The Complete Guide to Stringing a Guitar: Gauge, Intonation, Height, and Care
January 07, 2022

Chris and Jody start the new year talking about guitar strings. Kick the new year off right and change those strings, but what gauge of string should you consider? How does it affect playability? Does

The LEXICON 480L REVERB UNIT - A Brief History and Deep Dive Of One Of The Most Famous Reverb Units In Music Recording
December 31, 2021

Chris and Jody do a deep dive into the world of the Lexicon 480L reverb unit. A little history, a dash of uses, and a whole lot of nerd, equals a romp of a look into one of the most famous reverb unit

Create a Presence with Reverb and How To Figure Out The Correct Reverb Time You Need For Your Song
December 24, 2021

eper look at using reverb. We give you the math on how to figure out the milliseconds you need for your reverbs. We also discuss some of the different types of reverbs there are and when we might use

WHY YOU SHOULD BE BACKING UP YOUR DATA: The Super Un-Sexy World Of Audio Data Backup
December 17, 2021

Chris and Jody dive into the super un-sexy world of needing to backup, discussing the pros and cons of various backup methods. Talking about what types of backups they do and how they keep track of th

Advanced Uses of Delay: Why Knowing The Math Makes For Better Delay Mastery
December 10, 2021

Chris and Jody take a deeper look at using delay. We give you the math on how to figure out the milliseconds you need for your delays. We also discuss the different types of delays there are and when

Eventide Split EQ: Is It Truly Possible To Create A Uniquely New Path In The EQ World?
December 03, 2021

Chris and Jody take a general dive into the world of Eventide's new Split EQ. This isn't your grandpa's EQ. It's not even your daddy's EQ. This EQ is something else entirely. Is it posing? Is it for r