Public Sector Networks Summit 2019

April 16, 2019

Find out about the latest in Networks for the Public Sector.

Public Sector information technology is changing fast and networks are no exception. The traditional Wide Area Network is fast becoming old hat and new technology like SD-WAN are changing the look and functionality of networks.

New demands, like cloud computing, changing the dynamics and security requirements.
New working methods which are forcing organisations to re-assess how they access applications and data from any device connected from anywhere.
New security regimes being developed to move security away from the connection and into the applications.
New standards and recommendations being developed to move from the Public Services Network (PSN) and develop the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) to take advantage of some of the changes.
New market expectations, and combined with political demands, that are changing the availability of fibre connectivity and the much-discussed removal of the copper network.
New procurement vehicles such as Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 2 Framework are being released.

So, how do you keep abreast of the developments? How do you make sure that your investments are being made in the right direction? Some or all of the above may impact your network, your organisation and ultimately your ability to deliver services cost effectively

The Changes in the Network Environment
by Innopsis | The Innopsis Podcast


Steve Mallinson
Public Sector Connect
Steve has been creating and organising Public Sector events for 18 years at Public Sector Connect. The events have mainly focused on Property and Networks.
With discussions around the Future Networks for Government (FN4G) gathering speed, Government Digital Service's statement that 'the internet is OK', a potential shift away from PSN, NHS Digital’s outlines for the future of HSCN and the launch of Network Services 2 there is a growing emphasis on future public sector network services, connectivity and security.

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Lynne Magennis

Lynne is the Innopsis Director focused on Podcasts and Design.
From a chemical process research background she has moved into the telecommunications business. Her day job is working for the Daisy Group.
 Outside work will find Lynne tending for her horses and dogs in the Home Counties.
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