Latest Episodes

How Do You Cut Your Sandwich? - Episode #143
June 03, 2024

Ever think about how you cut your sandwich? Do you always do it the same way or does it depend on the type? Jeff's method is pure madness but don't worry, only a small fraction of this episode is even

How to Save Money on Groceries - Episode #142
March 24, 2024

Come along for the ride as Amy and Jeff break in a brand spanking new mic and cover ways you can save money buying groceries. Thanks for listening!

Hurkle-Durkle Responsibly - Episode #141
February 12, 2024

Chances are if you're not hurkle-durkling yourself, then you at least know a hurkle-durkler. Join Jeff and Amy as they explore this fine art, with a smattering of 'household stand-offs' discussion thr

Burn More Calories Rucking - Episode #140
January 30, 2024

Learn about one of the biggest fitness trends in 2024... rucking. Amy and Jeff cover what it is, the many health benefits, and how to get started - with of course lots of laughs along the way. Happy r

Blue Zone Tips and Ikigai - Episode #139
January 16, 2024

Join Jeff and Amy as they "sweep" through the Blue Zone, chatting about the concept of Ikigai and tips to live a long life. Thanks for listening!

TikTok Talk - Episode #138
January 02, 2024

Pick up some interesting TikTok tidbits during this first episode of the new year and may 2024 be a year with nary a night of sleeping upon a bent ear. Thanks for listening!

Japandi - Episode #137
December 11, 2023

Never heard of Japandi? Want to hear more about Japandi? Don't want to know anything at all about Japandi? Whatever your 'Japandi' situation may be, this episode is for you. Thanks for listening!

Money Talks - Episode #136
November 25, 2023

Money may talk but Jeff and Amy spend much of this episode talking about everything but the intended topic. A few good show recommendations are also thrown into the mix. Thanks for coming along for th

On Fire - Episode #135
October 15, 2023

Meditating on alternate uses for a fire extinguisher, tools vs. toys, and covering other items that are equally unrelated. Thanks for listening!

Record Keeping - Episode #134
September 16, 2023

Jeff's organizing strategy for his vinyl collection is, well, unique. This episode is for all the birds out there circling empty feeders. Thanks for listening!