Influencer Business: A podcast by Trove

Influencer Business: A podcast by Trove

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Lindsay Alesso, a Senior Client Development Manager at CJ Affiliate, on how to approach the intricacies of affiliate marketing with clarity
October 02, 2021

In our very last episode of Season 5, we sit down with Lindsay Alesso to discuss the intricacies and tactics of affiliate marketing. Lindsay is a Senior Client Development Manager at CJ Affiliate who has worked with global brands in the travel, retail, fa

Amy Romfo (@thecoastaloak) on going viral with reels, increasing her email list by 10x, and why it’s important to be nimble as a content creator
September 06, 2021

Amy Romfo (of @thecoastal oak) is a DIY blogger and content creator based in Charleston, SC. She talks candidly about pursuing content creation full-time with three young kiddos underfoot, flipping furniture, and pursuing home construction projects, all w

Molly Fienning, Co-Founder + Co-CEO of Babiators and Co-Founder + CEO of Red Clay on entrepreneurship and growing Red Clay 3-4X year over year
August 19, 2021

Molly Fienning is the co-founder and CEO of Red Clay, a fast-growing, Southern food business, crafting delicious hot sauces, hot honeys and specialty salts. And when I say fast-growing, they have grown 3-4X year over year in gross revenue these past three

Bonnie Knobloch, Head of Business Development, on Equilibria’s (@equilibriawomen) highly relational influencer marketing strategy
August 13, 2021

Equilibria is the premium CBD brand that youve likely seen scrolling through your Instagram. While still a young company (not even 3 y/o yet!), they have seen incredible growth during their lifespan, in large part due to their partnerships with content c

Emily Chan, Director of Affiliate Marketing, on how Our Place (@ourplace) approaches partnering with content creators
July 30, 2021

We continue our streak of a dynamite Season 5 guest line-up with Emily Chan, Director of Affiliate Marketing at Our Place (@ourplace),a kitchenware and cookware brand that believes in connections made across the kitchen table. She has played a key role i

Jackie Thomson (@jtthomson) on when to partner with a PR firm and the value they provide for your brand
July 23, 2021

Were already nearly halfway through Season 5! Up until now, weve talked with content creators, product-based businesses, a social media strategy expert, and a director of influencer and brand partnerships at a major affiliate company. All amazing guests

Corinne Travis on monetization, the power of data, and influencer campaign management
July 16, 2021

Corinne Travis, the Director of Influencer & Brand Partnerships at CJ Affiliate joins us on the podcast to dive into affiliate marketing...its value, what it looks like at CJ, and how to approach it successfully (as an influencer and brand). We talk a

Ashley Brooke on running a small business as a content creator
July 08, 2021

Long-time content creator Ashley Brooke (of Ashley Brooke Designs) talks candidly about her path to reinvention and what it means to run a small business as a content creator. For anyone curious about what it looks like to treat a blog as a business and w

Neely and Chloe Burch (of @neelyandchloe) on partnering with influencers to bring the brand to life in a unique way
July 01, 2021

Sisters Neely and Chloe Burch of the accessories line Neely and Chloe join us to talk about the early days of building a product-based business, their very successful first ever special collaboration launch with a well-known influencer, and how they’ve fo

Kelly Stumpe (@the_car_mom) on becoming an “accidental influencer"
June 24, 2021

Kelly Stumpe of The Car Mom (@the_car_mom) talks about all the things in this episode!...Her vision and mission for The Car Mom, her accidental influencer status, and her explosive growth. She grew from zero to 140k+ on Instagram in just one year and over