Infertility Mental Health

Infertility Mental Health

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Ep #9: Happier When
September 25, 2022

The illusion of happiness in the future fills our minds during infertility. We attach so many ideas that we will be happier when we've had the first-hand experience of giving birth or bringing our bab

Ep #8: Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster
May 16, 2022

The ups and downs of infertility can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. Fluctuating back and forth between the highs and lows on the path to motherhood can leave you feeling exhausted and eve

Ep #7: Powerful Questions
April 04, 2022

The infertility experience is a constant quest for answers. With thousands of thoughts flowing through our brains every day we need a way to direct what we are thinking. Questions help us do that and

Ep #6: Mentality Choices
March 14, 2022

Mentality plays a huge role in the success of achieving your goals. Understanding which mentality you are carrying around with you is important to uncover where your mindset might be hindering your pr

Ep #5: Fear Of The Unknown
February 21, 2022

Fear is a dominant emotion during infertility and drives many decisions. There are many things to be fearful of when undergoing fertility treatment but none is more prominent than the fear of the unkn

Ep #4: Dealing With Repeated Failure
February 07, 2022

Failure isnt a new concept with infertility. In fact, there is something to fail at with almost every step of the process. A failed cycle, failed retrieval, failed transfer, failed beta, let alone th

Ep #3: The Ultimate Goal Of Infertility
December 21, 2021

Defining the goal of infertility is an important step to getting through it but you may be focusing your energy on the wrong goal. More often than not we define the goal as having something in the end

Ep #2: How To Feel Better During Infertility
November 22, 2021

Navigating negative emotions during infertility can make the experience even more daunting to get through. - If you want to feel better before you reach your goal of motherhood, this is the episode f

Ep #1: Moving Through Infertility Limbo
November 15, 2021

Are you feeling stuck in infertility limbo? Unable to gain traction to move forward? - Thats not your fault. Most people feel stuck because they dont realize that is actually keeping them where they