Incremental Gains: How Things Get Done

Incremental Gains: How Things Get Done

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Things That Change Your for the Better
March 04, 2020

This episode contains one of my prescriptions for success! As an Executive Mentor, I am often called upon to help others become a better professional so they can achieve their full potential. All too often, I must first help them better understand...

What NOT to Say to a Child Who Losses a Parent
September 04, 2019

Not sure what to say to children when one of their parents dies? Be careful, as your good intentions can cause years of damage. My father died when I was 11 years old, and others told me "You're the man of the family now; you need to take care of your...

Speak Smart or Speak Dumber?!
August 27, 2019

Do you unknowingly dumb-down your communication? Many wonder why they cannot get promoted to high positions of authority and accountability – even though they have the technical skills. Learn about and how to apply Benjamin Bloom’s Cognitive...

Become an Even Better Leader
May 16, 2019

I am often asked "How can I be a better leader?" In this episode, I share why you do not need to read books about 'how to be a better leader' when all you need to do is emulate those who set a great leadership example for you. Listen and learn if you...

Self-Reflect, Assess, and Correct
April 26, 2019

Learn this simple 3-step practice that all successful people and organizations apply. If you want to improve in any area of your life, work, or relationships, follow this prescription to success. There are examples in this episode you’ll be able to...

Attention to Details
March 22, 2019

Does your attention to details need more attention to detail? This episode provides insights into how the lack of focus can result in not achieving greater levels of success at work, at home, in sports, with your health, and just about everywhere...

Success Scorecard Tracking System
March 01, 2019

Dr. Rich ‘pulls back the curtain’ on his self-designed system he successfully applied for years with his clients and himself to document and better track and complete measurable goals. In this lesson, Dr. Rich describes how his system is different...

Got Goals?!
February 16, 2019

The most successful people and organizations set and achieve goals that promote gratification and gives life and work meaning, Learn more about how living a goal-centered life can bring clarity and purposeful direction while setting a great example...

Time Poverty Sucks!
February 01, 2019

How is it that the most successful people have more spare time than you do? It's simple: they're not busy, they're productive! And, there are common time management tools and strategies they use that in this podcast I share such as time-chunking,...

30 $uccess Tips in 8 Minutes
January 27, 2019

In this short 8-minute incremental gains powerful podcast, listen & learn Dr. Rich's '30 Success Tips' he provided during an interview on the TV show "Million Dollar Attitude" with host Joni Redick-Yundt. HOLD ONTO YOUR SEAT and get ready to take...