In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

Maximize Asset Division During Divorce (Ep.9)

December 14, 2022


Dividing assets during divorce sounds easy on paper. Just split everything 50/50.

The reality is much more complicated.

In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones dive into the division of assets during divorce and what factors can impact the decision. They share tips for maximizing opportunities outside of the courtroom and the importance of considering the best division rather than an exact division of assets.

Justin and Andrea discuss:

  • When to start documenting individual assets  
  • Why vetting expert witnesses is essential to winning court cases and minimizing weaknesses
  • Why a 50/50 split is not the best option when dividing assets
  • What does the court consider when dividing assets
  • And more!

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