In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

Understanding The Impact Of Actions During Divorce (Ep. 19)

October 04, 2023

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? How will the divorce impact your emotional well-being along with your relationships? And how can you avoid making mistakes with huge repercussions?

In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones focus on some of the common mistakes they have seen people make during and before divorce proceedings. They share what to avoid leading to a hasty divorce and why you should consider looking for alternative options to save your relationship instead of divorce.

Justin and Andrea discuss:

  • Why talking about divorce casually should be avoided in a relationship without mentally and emotionally preparing to take action
  • How having an affair before or during a divorce could impact a child’s environment growing up
  • What actions should be avoided to make the right impression to a judge
  • What steps could be taken before choosing to divorce to fix a relationship
  • And more!

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