In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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Vaping: Is it Safe? In the Weeds with Jimmy Young
February 24, 2021

In 2019, Leafly was able to help expose the illegal market, and specifically Vitamin E Acetate, as the main culprit in many deaths in the US during the Vape Crisis that led to a total shutdown of that industry in many states. Now over a year later, have

In The Weeds- How can small mom and pop cannabis dispensaries continue to thrive?
February 24, 2021

In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is a weekly interview with cannabis advocates, educators, scientists, growers, and a who's who in cannabis. What is the future of the cannabis business? What are the challenges of growing cannabis? How can small mom and

A Pro-Cannabis Teacher, Speaker and Personality! Meet Professor BC Wehman on In The Weeds!
February 24, 2021

He's a teacher, a public speaker, and someone who loves to tell stories- meet BC Wehman from Akron Ohio. His own story is compelling, and he's on In the Weeds with Jimmy Young this week. Learn what happens when he meets up with some old co-workers who se

Weed Media Takes A Hit On In The Weeds with Jimmy Young and Guest MIchael Kusek of A Different Leaf
February 24, 2021

Different Leaf Magazine Publisher Michael Kusek on In the Weeds with Jimmy Young as both media "moguls" share their feelings about the changes in Media. Print Magazines vs. Digital video content and the challenges of telling stories of the Cannabis Indust

How do you market your cannabis company? Mike Corso from Knows!
February 24, 2021

He's been in marketing and SEO before anyone even knew what Search meant and its power for marketers. Now if you don't understand it, listen to the first half of Mike Corso's presentation from this past week's In The Weeds Podcast with Jimmy Young, the Fo

Where can you find the best weed? Follow Captain Hooter from Amsterdam to Jamaica!
February 24, 2021

He has travelled the world in search of the best strains of cannabis, his name is Captain Hooter. He's an author, researcher, and is passionate about all things cannabis. His book visits and reviews all 167 coffee houses in Amsterdam where they are just k

In The Weeds-12-6-20-ROOV.IO - Mike Corso with Jimmy Young on marketing your cannabis company
December 14, 2020

Engaging with your target consumers or businesses is a challenge for any company. In Cannabis it is even more of a challenge because of the regulations and rules for marketing a product that is still Federally illegal, and each state has it's own unique r

In The Weeds with Valerio Romano on the MORE Act, Future Ballot ?s, Delivery Licenses, Social Equity
December 08, 2020

After leaving Vicente Sederberg to start his own law practice, Valerio Romano is one of the most successful and respected cannabis lawyers in the country. After starting in the mid 90's in the fight for Medical cannabis in California, he has settled in Ma

In The Weeds with the Power Couple of Pot from California Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad
November 30, 2020

California led the nation in cannabis reform paving the way for the beginning of the Green Rush that is going on right now. A couple who met on the protest trail in the '80's are Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad. Now they have been called the Godparents of C

In The Weeds in Retirement Funds for the Cannabis Industry with Asset Strategy in Massachusetts
November 09, 2020

As the Cannabis Industry expands, more employers will need a good benefits package to retain and hire new employees. The 401K is the traditional fund, but nothing is easy in the cannabis industry when it comes to normal business treatment. No 280E write o