In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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Cannabitch's Jackie Bryant on In the Weeds with Jimmy Young
July 18, 2021 In The Weeds with Jimmy Young welcomes Jackie Bryant who is a San Diego-based freelance journalist. These days, her focus is almost entirely on cannabis. She is the new California Canna Caster for Weed Talk News. She has been

The Business of Cannabis from the Experts! On In the Weeds
June 29, 2021 "The Cannabis Business" is now a book. Understanding law, finance and Governance in America's Newest Industry is what Vicente Sederberg attorney Charles S. Alovisetti and Cassia Furman explain in a thorough concise and educated manner

Trixie Garcia, daughter of Grateful Deads Jerry Garcia on In the Weeds
June 08, 2021 Admittedly talking with Trixie Garcia, the daughter of the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was as close to that legendary band as I've been since 1986. It was a thrill for me then, when I got to hang out and party with memb

Is Cannabis a Medicine? Taking on the Court and Democracy in MS with Dr. Dave Allen on In the Weeds
June 01, 2021 When 74% of the voters in MIssissippi flocked to the polls in November 2020 and voted in a medical marijuana program, advocates celebrated how a the people of a southern state could be so progressive. Now that the State Supreme Co

Weed and Social Media Influencers GoStoner and HazyHula on In The Weeds
May 25, 2021 Want to know the inside scoop on becoming an Influencer? Meet power stoner couples and Influencers GoStoner and HazyHula. They have been active on social media and cannabis for years. Now they are on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young

Does Cannabis Drive Creativity? In the Weeds
May 18, 2021

Creativity and cannabis go hand in hand and now insightful leaders like Shawn Gold are sharing their discoveries with others. The Author of the "Creative Thinking Journal" and CEO of Pilgrim Soul, offers exercises and examples of creative thinking while u

A Venmo for Weed? That's the elevator pitch for Artery Pay. Their COO Ashley Elsner on In The Weeds
April 28, 2021

It's called a digital wallet. You probably know of Venmo. Well to create a legal digital wallet APP for the cannabis industry has been a challenged, but Artery Pay has now delivered it to the states including California. Ashley Elsner is one of the premie

Cannabis as a Medicinal Cure for Kids on In the Weeds
April 21, 2021

Imagine you are parent of a sick child, and the only thing that works for their issues is an illegal federal plant called cannabis. What would you do for your child? Erin O'Hearn is an award winning journalist from Philadelphia, and she produced the "Weed

Are You Using the Best Grow Lights on your Weed? On In the Weeds
April 13, 2021

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you know you need water and light to grow something out of the ground. In cannabis, it's a science, but lighting is important especially when you are growing rows and rows of weed indoors! TSR Grow has a smart grow

How to Get Leads in the Cannabis Business? Ask Mike Corso on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
March 30, 2021

Linked In has become a sales persons best lead generator, and it's friendly for cannabis businesses, but how do you navigate your sales day? That's where Mike Corso from comes in and shares some ideas to turn your leads into sales. He tells you ho