In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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The Cannabis Question on In The Weeds Live
September 29, 2021

The Cannabis Question on In The Weeds Live

In The Weeds LinkedIn Live with Derek D'Ambrosio from Cape Cod Cannabis
September 22, 2021

Derek D'Ambrosio is a Cannabis Executive, Travel Industry Entrepreneur, mentor, investor and consultant. He is a true success story as someone who grew up in the legacy market and now has turned his experience into a legal enterprise.

The winner of the Best Cannabis Company in New England is on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young!
September 15, 2021

Alex Mazin from Bud's Goods, a dispensary in Worcester and Abington took home that prestigious award at the 3rd edition of the New England Cannabis Convention's Cannabis Community Awards. What makes that dispensary so special? Listen to Alex Mazin explain

Raising Capital for your Cannabis Company? Ask the Doctor and the Rocker on In The Weeds
September 14, 2021

Dr. David Cunic of UCS Advisor Relations is a physical therapist and business consultant who has been in the cannabis industry for a dozen years and during that time created many different companies. Chris Vaglio of Rock It Growth Agency is a master of br

Discussing the New York Weed scene with Emerald Media's Christina DeGiovanni
September 01, 2021

She's been in the trenches of the cannabis business space for almost her entire life. Emerald Media Magazine Editor and publisher Christina DeGiovanni has been in Humboldt county California as a publisher and a grower, and now she's in the Big Apple of Ne

In The Weeds Live with guest Christopher Smith from the American Cannabis Report
August 25, 2021

California was the first state to introduce a medical marijuana plan in the 1990's, four years ago they introduced legal adult use sales, and their legacy market continues to lead the nation so why is that industry getting so much backlash from those who

Rick Thompson has been the face of Michigan Cannabis Advocacy for years, now on In The Weeds Live!
August 18, 2021

When it comes to cannabis advocacy in the state of Michigan, there are few personalities with a passion for the cause that can equal Rick Thompson's impact. He joins PCM TV founder Jimmy Young for the new weekly In The Weeds Live interview from this past

DC Lobbyist Reacts to Federal Legalization of Cannabis CAO Act- E.D of Global Alliance
August 17, 2021 So when will cannabis be legalized in the United States? Your guess is as good as any, but if you are the Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce, you have the right to be optimistic, at least that's Randal

QR Codes for cannabis, and why you need it, on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
August 11, 2021 Are you tired of all those compliance stickers that your state makes all cannabis distributors

Media Challenges for the Cannabis Industry. Dave Briggs and Jimmy Young on In The Weeds Live
August 04, 2021 Wednesday's at 4:21PM In The Weeds with Jimmy Young goes live with interesting guests from the cannabis industry. Dave Briggs is a veteran sports anchor who hosts "The Cannversation" every week on Pro Cannabis Media and PCM TV. He in