In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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63. The Chief RockN'Roll Officer at Rock It Growth Agency is Chris Vaglio. He's on In The Weeds w/JY
September 16, 2020

He's been a creative video producer and a personality in New Jersey for the past 20 years. Rock It Growth Agency's Chief Rock N' Roll officer is Chris Vaglio who brings his passion for life to the cannabis creative community with a new agency. He describe

Episode 62: Oregon's Best Budtender in 2016 is Emma Chasen, now she's teaching. On In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
September 10, 2020

Emma Chasen studied botanicals in college at Ivy League Brown University, then moved west. Now she is creating and delivering her lessons on cannabis online with Eminent Consulting. Hear about what's growing on in Oregon on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young.

Episode 61: In The Weeds with Jimmy Young and Special Guest Dr. David Cunic of UCS Advisors
August 24, 2020

Dr. David Cunic is a 2 two time Dr. of Physical Therapy who has started more than a half dozen companies, and now is an advisor in the cannabis business. He joins Jimmy Young on In The Weeds to talk about the challenges the cannabis industry has and the p

Episode 60: KUSH CO CEO Nick Kovacevich-is a Cannabis Advocate who is bullish on weed reform -On In The Weeds
August 03, 2020

You can read him in Forbes, see and hear him in news media, he's Nick Kovacevich CEO of Kush Co Holdings in California, a publicly traded successful ancillary business in the cannabis industry. He isn't afraid to wave the flag for cannabis reform in the U

Episode 59: Study Cannabis? Now you can in college! Educator Rob Mejia of Stockton U in NJ on In The Weeds
July 27, 2020

Most people go to college to learn about subjects that interest them, or to start to lay the groundwork for a professional career. College is also a place where many people get their first exposure to cannabis. In 2020, you can now earn college course cre

Episode 58: Cannabis Law Report's Teri Buhl on the latest with High Times, will they ever get to IPO? Weed Talk
July 20, 2020

Teri Buhl from Cannabis Law Reports has been a tenacious journalist for decades. In 2008 when she was writing for the New York Post, she was one of the first reporters to identify the illegal dealings by IndyMac. She protects her sources, and has earned a

Episode 57: Get Re-Leaf with Uncle Pete-Master Maine Caregiver, Advocate, and on his 4th lease on life!
July 13, 2020

Maine, the way life should be, Vacationland, it's a special place in New England. Uncle Pete Tranchemontagne calls Sanford Maine his home. He's been a caregiver in the medical cannabis space in his home state for as long as they existed. He helped change

Episode 56: A little CBD with your tea? Dean Harris, builds brands. Now he's got a CBD product. In The Weeds
July 06, 2020

Kayak, Vonage, Hot Jobs, and Chrysler Fiat. Do you know those brands? Dean Harris built them. Ok, maybe not by himself, but a Chief Marketing Officer for over 40 years in all industry, all in New York where he is part of a century legacy in the advertisi

Episode 54: What's in your weed? Ask the Experts at MCR Labs! In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
June 29, 2020

The word is cannabidiol . You might recognize it as CBD. The second most "prevalent" chemical in the cannabis sativa plant. You go to the head of the science class is you know what this is "C21 H30 O2"? (hint: the answer is above!) You are probably more f

Episode 53: CBD, the Cure or Snake Oil? Is it safe? Flower and Tonic CEO Founder Alissa Merrill on In The Weeds
June 22, 2020

After years working in big Pharma, Alissa Merrill was looking for alternatives to the treatment of pain and discovered the power of the plant cannabis sativa. Now expert on its development and use as a medicine for the treatment of pain and other disorder