In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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In the Weeds with Jimmy Young and Todd Davis, CEO of Endexx, a publicly traded Wellness Company
May 11, 2022

Cannabinoids are the magical chemical compounds that are part of the cannabis sativa plant. THC and CBD are the most common cannabinoids that are impacting, politics, compliance, regulations.Science and research is just now starting to grasp the magnitude

Are you Canna-Curious? The Lucida Club can help! COO Lucinda Cross on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
May 03, 2022

A personal experience at a dispensary led Lucinda Cross and Jack Roosevelt to create The Lucida Club, a membership club to improve your knowledge of cannabis through education and expert guidance. They target the "cannacurious", a term describing those wh

Wana know who is the #1 edible in the Cannabis Market? Wana knows!
April 28, 2022

That's right Wana Brands is the #1 brand in the edible market in North American cannabis. Sure enough they were very busy at NECANN in Boston a month ago, and we didn't want to forget that Courtney Eder spent a few minutes talking about their success w

Two Media Pros Talk About Why News Won't Cover Cannabis from PCM TV Live on 4/20
April 24, 2022

Jimmy Young is the founder of Pro Cannabis Media, and started his network to give a professional voice to the cannabis industry. Tori Chamberlain is a news producer for a TV channel in the Boston market. Their discussion as part of the PCM TV Live remo

Turn on the LED lighting with AB Lighting's CEO Mark Honeycutt on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
April 13, 2022

Not all lights for growing plants of any sort are created equal. If you are a commercial grower or just a home grower, you want to check out AB Lighting's state of the art LED lights for indoor grow facilities. Mark Honeycutt is the CEO, and he sits dow

Survivor Africa Champ, Cancer Survivor, Cannabis Spokesperson, Ethan Zohn on In The Weeds
April 07, 2022

The word survivor is used often in today's challenging modern world, but Ethan Zohn knows plenty of the applications of this word after winning the African Survivor show, beating Cancer twice, and now facing another challenge. Ethan has teamed up with Tru

Grow Weed in Your Living Room, with No Smell?
March 16, 2022

It's possible with the Armoire by Green Goddess supply. CEO Eric Robichaud is on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young. Eric tells the story, and shows this beautiful combination of classic furniture and technology to create an indoor growing experience withou CEO Walt Rampata on In The Weeds
March 09, 2022

Growing hemp and cannabis is a challenge for anyone, now throw in the media's most valuable product, data, and you'll understand why talking with Walt Rampata is a can't miss interview on Pro Cannabis Media's In the Weeds with Jimmy Young podcast and i

Vincent Mosca Takes the ATM to a New Level
March 02, 2022

On In The Weeds with Jimmy Young this week is Vincent Mosca of He knows business logistics, and now is adapting to the challenges of the new legal cannabis world. Vince Mosca is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of wo

Niambe McIntosh On In The Weeds With Jimmy Young!
February 02, 2022

The Name "Tosh" is synonymous with Reggae music because Peter Tosh was one of the founding members of The Wallers who played with Bob Marley. It was in the 60's and 70's that Reggae music started to become popular with the anti-war and protest era of t