In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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In The Weeds-12-6-20-ROOV.IO - Mike Corso with Jimmy Young on marketing your cannabis company
December 14, 2020

Engaging with your target consumers or businesses is a challenge for any company. In Cannabis it is even more of a challenge because of the regulations and rules for marketing a product that is still Federally illegal, and each state has it's own unique r

In The Weeds with Valerio Romano on the MORE Act, Future Ballot ?s, Delivery Licenses, Social Equity
December 08, 2020

After leaving Vicente Sederberg to start his own law practice, Valerio Romano is one of the most successful and respected cannabis lawyers in the country. After starting in the mid 90's in the fight for Medical cannabis in California, he has settled in Ma

In The Weeds with the Power Couple of Pot from California Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad
November 30, 2020

California led the nation in cannabis reform paving the way for the beginning of the Green Rush that is going on right now. A couple who met on the protest trail in the '80's are Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad. Now they have been called the Godparents of C

In The Weeds in Retirement Funds for the Cannabis Industry with Asset Strategy in Massachusetts
November 09, 2020

As the Cannabis Industry expands, more employers will need a good benefits package to retain and hire new employees. The 401K is the traditional fund, but nothing is easy in the cannabis industry when it comes to normal business treatment. No 280E write o

In The Weeds with Jimmy Young & COO- Ashley Elsner, a finalist for innovation of year
November 02, 2020

What is According to their COO Ashley Elsner, it's Venmo for Cannabis transactions. Benzinga has nominated the platform for a handful of awards including best innovation of the year. Like so many entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, there's

In The Leaves, In The Seeds, In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, a lesson in genetics, and the market.
October 26, 2020

Did you know there was an international trade market for cannabis sativa seeds? World Trade Genetics has been farming and creating seeds and clones for years. Learn about this market on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young as he interviews Mannie Martinez and Vi

Max Simon Founder of Cannabis educator, innovator, and leading online platform.
October 20, 2020

On this week's In the Weeds with Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media, Max Simon the founder and leader at Now affiliated with close to a dozen accredited Universities as their online cannabis certified instruction platforms, Max Simon has

Vermont is 11th state to legalize weed. MPP NE Political Matt Simon On In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
October 10, 2020

The Marijuana Policy Project is one of the most powerful cannabis advocacy groups in the country. In New England, Matt Simon is their Political Director and he and his group, along with many others, were instrumental in getting the Vermont legislature to

The Maine Man, Ry Russell from on In the Weeds with Jimmy Young
October 05, 2020

He's been into climate safe plastics, drive in movie theatres and media. Now Ry Russell is emerging as one of the industry's most personable podcast hosts. He and Jimmy Young talk about the State of Maine's cannabis scene, it's future, and it's launch in

A Great Moment in The Weeds History with David Bienenstock of Bong Appetit and Leafly.
September 28, 2020

David Bienenstock is one of the most respected cannabis journalists in history. He's worked for High Times, Leafly, co-hosts The Greatest Moments in Weed History podcast with over a half million downloads. You might even see him on Bong Appetit a syndicat