In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

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Episode 52: For 12 years Lance Kreck served our country in the Army's Green he's hosting Hemp 101!
June 15, 2020

Lance Kreck has served his country for over a decade in the US Army's Green Berets. After a training accident ended his military career, he has turned to cannabis for his next venture. Recently his Hemp CBD company Hippie Hemp company had to close because

Episode 51: A Pro Cannabis Rabbi? Now that's Kosher! Rabbi Yaakov Cohen on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
June 10, 2020

He's studied in Jerusalem, Israel, he grew up in California, now he's in Houston Texas running an International Kosher Food Certification business. Rabbi Yaakov Cohen talks about the process, the healing powers of the herb cannabis sativa, and the teachin

Episode 50: The Ganja Project founder Omari Jackson goes In The Weeds with Jimmy Young!
June 01, 2020

He's a filmmaker, producer, activist, creator, director...he's M. Omari Jackson and he calls himself the "Ganjactivist!" What is that? Jamaica and cannabis are forever related, now with international markets opening is that island nation ready to become t

Episode 48: Pick you pleasure? Liquor or Weed delivery? Drizly or LanternNow? Either way, selection is yours!
May 17, 2020

"Drizly" streamlines delivery orders for thousands of liquor stores, Lantern Now wants to do the same for cannabis. Medical dispensaries can use their Lantern Now, and soon other dispensaries will open and follow. Meredith Mahoney is the CEO of Lantern No

Episode 49. Baggies for weed? Old school. A solution for new normal containers for legal delivery? Calyx Containers! CEO Alex Gonzalez on In the Weeds wtih Jimmy Young
May 12, 2020

Weed in baggies used to be the only way marijuana was supplied and shared. Now legalization has spurred regulations for child proof containers. That's opened the door for many companies in the proper packaging industry. Calyx containers is one of the lead

Episode 47: The MAZE Titration Filtration System created by
April 17, 2020

Combine a dedicated registered nurse, with a medical device engineer and executive, and you get a healthier way to consume cannabis by giving your lungs a break! Michael Barenboym and Beth Dost have teamed up to create the MAZE pipe cooling system, and a

Episode 46: Cannabis Security? Don't be sour call Ben Shour of Salient Systems!
March 29, 2020

The cannabis industry is offering opportunities to many companies to expand their business. That is certainly true in security systems, and one name keeps popping up that is a leader in that space, Salient systems, Ben Shour is on the road all over New En

Episode 45: Cannabis and its movement through the government with Aaron Smith
March 24, 2020

The NCIA is making waves in Washington and their Co-founder Aaron Smith talks with Jimmy Young about the state of Cannabis in Washington D.C.

Episode 44: Insurance for the Cannabis Industry? Talk about "high" risk! Now, you can talk to Charles River Insurance.
March 24, 2020

Imagine you've proccurred a location and a cherished host community agreement for a dispensary of cannabis in Massachusetts, now, you've applied for your license and they need a certificate of Insurance, but no one wants to insure your company, where do y

Episode 43: Is Cannabis investing a sure thing? According to Arcview CEO, Jeff Finkle, there is no such thing!
March 17, 2020

So you want to get into the cannabis business? You think you are going to invest your hard earned cash, and then get an immediate 100 times the return on your investment? Think again Crazy Kush guy! This is not an easy time to be an investor in any sector