In The Slipstream

In The Slipstream

Episode 72 - Generating new revenue through great marketing

December 14, 2022

In this episode we welcome back renown marketer Kirt Daunt to talk about putting marketing to work in your firm. In particular, we drill into what comes next after putting the marketing foundations (brand, website, case studies etc) in place.

To squeeze the utmost out of this interview with Kirt, we pitched him headlong into real life scenarios that listeners will relate to, such as –

  • Introducing current clients to a new service, as well increasing the uptake of services provided by other divisions of one’s firm
  • What to do if the work that you do is a “best kept secret” in your community plus how to tactfully play your hand while serving on the committee of the golf club or on the board of your children’s school
  • What comes next when a prospective client makes an expression of interest, such as downloading a strategy paper or coming along to one of your events

Throughout the interview, Kirt shares many timeless marketing principles which have served him well at the top end of town, linking them to the scenarios being considered for a professional services firm. Literally, there are too many to list here but here’s a sample –

  • “When someone’s adding value in your life, that’s a relationship you come back to”
  • “What do your customers care about?”
  • “Marketing is the pursuit of ruthless experimentation”
  • “Your marketing plan is as much about the things you are not going to do as the things you will do.”

During the interview, Kirt made mention of a summary of some key concepts covered in his earlier podcast (Episode 69). To access the summary, follow this link.

In the Coach’s Corner segment of this episode, Scott Charlton encourages you to download Slipstream Group’s Marketing Diagnostic to get a snapshot of where your marketing would benefit from attention. You can access the Diagnostic by following this link.

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