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In The Slipstream

Episode 53 - The road to success can lead to interesting places, with Melissa Voss

August 16, 2020

The road to success can lead to interesting places, with Melissa Voss
Show Notes

In this episode we talk with Melissa Voss of Fuseworks about her career in public accounting, the process whereby she became an owner in that business and her interest in process improvement.

Amongst a range of interesting topics, we discuss how this interest in automating processes led Melissa to a significant career change.

Melissa is now in a business development role with Fuseworks, a company that provides automation solutions for professional practices. Melissa is in her element with this role because she is able to assist those in the profession she loves. As she shares with listeners, “The reward for automating processes is that you get to do more of the work you like to do”.

From being afforded the opportunity to speak with leading firms about their systems, Melissa observes what they have in common – a continual search for a better way.

Melissa also made mention of a new product during the interview called Fuse Sign, which has now been released. If you are interested in finding out more about Fuse Sign, go to

In the Coach’s Corner segment, Scott continues the episode’s theme of The road to success leading to interesting places. For some, this will relate to the direction their firm is taking. For others, it will be about taking a fresh look at their personal career.

During this segment, Scott poses a question for practitioners to consider which warrants some intense personal reflection. It’s a question that Scott has found helpful in his own career and in coaching others.

To find out more about Your Professional Headspace, the book Scott wrote for professional in practice, go to

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