In The Slipstream

In The Slipstream

Episode 49 - Working from home; solving global health problems with Dr Richard Brandon

April 13, 2020

Show Notes

In this episode we talk with Dr Richard Brandon of Immunexpress about working from home long term, whilst playing a central role in an organisation based on the other side of the world. Amongst a range of interesting topics, we discuss how to work effectively as a remote member of an organisation; the importance of having structured meeting routines and ways to compensate for no longer having spontaneous “discussions in the corridor” with work colleagues.

So too, having structure to one’s working day along with definite start and end points help to ensure that work does not “take over” one’s existence.

Dr Brandon shares some interesting aspects about attracting and retaining talented people. In his case, having a captivating company mission certainly has a role to play in getting the best out of his team.

We also cover what’s involved in breaking new ground on significant world health issues – finding a new way to diagnose sepsis and developing a treatment for COVID-19, both topics upon which Dr Brandon is imminently qualified to comment.


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