In The Slipstream

In The Slipstream

Episode 37 - Barry Daniels, Resilience, mental well being and entrepreneurship - a practitioner’s journey

May 19, 2019

Podcast with Barry Daniels
Resilience, mental well being and entrepreneurship - a practitioner’s journey

In this episode we talk with Barry Daniels about Resilience, mental well being and entrepreneurship. We trace Barry’s journey through his formative and very challenging childhood through to critical times in his business career. Barry shares some of the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial activities. Barry also explains the means by which he has accumulated the resilience to handle the hurdles placed before him. There is much that we can all learn from Barry’s “three legged stool” – his go-to activities which have helped him to overcome challenges and ultimately succeed in business and in life. It’s a fascinating and ultimately heart warming story which you will remember for a long time.

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