In the Right Lane

In the Right Lane

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Episode 36: Kamala Harris
August 15, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier discuss Joe Biden's choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 35: Dialogos
August 01, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier are joined by Leo Schlueter to discuss his exciting new project, Dialogos. Dialogos pairs people together to promote discussion on the major issues of the day in an attempt to build consensus and bring this divided nation toget

Episode 34: Will King Madigan Finally Lose His Crown?
July 25, 2020

Connor Kaeb discusses the recent FBI developments implicating Illinois House of Representatives Speaker Michael Madigan in a corruption scandal. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 33: American Discourse
July 11, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier discuss where the idea for American Discourse came from, where it goes from here, and how you can get involved, including by submitting your own articles. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 32: John Roberts Giveth and John Roberts Taketh Away
July 04, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier discuss the Supreme Court's decisions in Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, and June Medical Services, LLC v. Russo. They try to understand why John Roberts is the

Episode 31: The 51st State
June 27, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier discuss the potential constitutional, historical, and political issues that granting Washington, D.C., statehood poses. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 30: A Supreme Disappointment
June 20, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier both speak to their feelings on the events of the last couple of weeks and grapple with where conservatives go from here. They also discuss in depth the actions the Supreme Court took over the last week. --- Support this pod

Episode 29: Racism and Rioting
June 06, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd and call for reform. They also debate the appropriateness of the Donald Trump's response to the protests and riots. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 28: Masters, Public and Private
May 30, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier discuss Trump's attack on Twitter and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as well as the effort to renew FISA provisions in Congress. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 27: Aliens and the Court
May 16, 2020

Connor Kaeb and Ryan Lanier create a conspiracy theory about aliens with a heavy dose of sarcasm in the poDCaST tHE gOvERNmeNt dOeSn't WAnt YOu TO LiStEN tO. They then get serious and discuss the major cases the Supreme Court heard this week, including th