In-Flight Entertainment Podcast

In-Flight Entertainment Podcast

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The Filmmaker's Lounge w/ Tracey Anarella
May 20, 2024

Tracey Anarella stops by The Filmmaker's Lounge! She shares her stories about the process of crafting a documentary, and the desire to tell stories that make a difference.

The Filmmaker's Lounge w/ LaJuan Johnson
April 16, 2024

This week, LaJuan Johnson stops by The Filmmaker's Lounge! He gives us his insight on storytelling, inspirations, and the ups and downs of directing.

The Filmmaker's Lounge with Yonash Breneman
March 14, 2024

Yonash Breneman stops by The Filmmaker's Lounge to talk about his latest film The Death Of Us!

The Filmmaker's Lounge with Jaysen Buterin
February 21, 2024

Jaysen gives us a unique perspective on the world of independent filmmaking. Sprinkled with the usual comedic madness only he can provide. Buckle up, this is going to be a wild ride!

The Filmmaker’s Lounge with Mark Elias
January 17, 2024

Mark Elias stops in The Filmmaker's Lounge. He talks about his new movie Boy Makes Girl and shares his insight into the world of independent filmmaking.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)
May 30, 2023

This week we review Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves! Starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriquez, Justice Smith, Rege-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, Chloe Coleman, Daisy Head, and Hugh Grant.

Air (2023)
May 25, 2023

The week we review Air! Starring Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker, Matthew Meher, Marlon Wayans, and Viola Davis.

Scream VI
May 17, 2023

This week we review Scream VI! Starring Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Dermot Mulroney, Hayden Panettiere, and Courteney Cox.

Evil Dead Rise (2023)
May 11, 2023

This week we review Evil Dead Rise! Starring Alyssa Sutherland, Mirabai Pease, Richard Crouchley, Anna-Maree Thomas, Nell Fisher, Gabrielle Echols.

Field of Dreams (1989)
May 04, 2023

This week we review Field of Dreams! Starring Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Frank Whaley, Timothy Busfield, Gaby Hoffmann, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones, and Burt Lancaster.