Imperfect Action

Imperfect Action

112: Rajeev Gupta: Secrets of Success

July 25, 2021

“No one is there to stop you if you have not stopped yourself.”
Rajeev Gupta, CEO of Lime Source Consultancy and author of 50 Secrets of Success, guests on Imperfect Action to discuss some of his life lessons as an entrepreneur, including:

* The power of intent
* Bouncing back from failure and why failure does not equal destiny
* Key factors in gaining success
* How to retain success one you have it

It’s a great conversation and well worth the listen. Listen, learn, and share with everyone you think would benefit from Rajeev’s approach to creating success.
It’s time to play bigger, do better, and move the world. Let’s get started!

Rajeev Gupta, Leader, Entrepreneur, and Author

Author, Rajeev Gupta is a Founder & CEO of Lime Source Consultancy, DUBAI, CANADA – North America with Multiple Awards and recognitions on Global Platform on his side. He is a visionary leader who has touched upon thousands of lives with career opportunities globally backed by his enormous power of positivity and wisdom. He started his career with less than $100 savings at a very young age and has been privileged to travel across Globe with 30 years of international experience providing career opportunities to thousands of workers year after year. He is also a winner of Prestigious Global CEO Excellence Award and has been featured in multiple CEO Magazines and leading newspapers multiple times over decades. Rajeev believes deep that when God created nature and resources as limitless then our dreams and visions shall see no limits as well. Restrictions are manmade and we shall overcome them with smile.  

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