Imperfect Action

Imperfect Action

102: Daniel Teitelbaum: Thinking Playfully

September 14, 2020

Daniel Teitelbaum, lead facilitator at Playful Thinking, helps people and organizations think more playfully. In this episode, he shares:

* The importance of play
* How play improves innovation, creativity, inclusion, collaboration, and idea generation
* How he uses game design theory to help organizations improve
* How to incorporate play into your work (and life)
* The connection between movement and thinking

Obviously, I’m a big fan of this conversation because I’m always looking for ways to play bigger, do better, and move the world. Please share this episode with others who will enjoy Daniel’s ideas.
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Daniel Teitelbaum, Lead Facilitator at Playful Thinking
Playful Thinking works with people and organisations looking to think more playfully. We believe that a more playful person, organisation and world is a smarter, more creative and more connected one. Whether you are a business, government organisation, part of a university or an NGO, Playful Thinking helps you develop better ways of collaborating, communicating and working. We run workshops and professional development programs, offer advice and consulting and look to collaborate on challenging projects where we can offer insight.
Daniel Teitelbaum is the lead facilitator at Playful Thinking. Daniel’s education background is in Philosophy, Law and Theatre Studies and work experience in early phase social enterprise investment. Daniel’s role is to discover playful tools in education, game design, theatre, philosophy, psychology and science to apply to the challenges of the modern organisations. Daniel is also a radio broadcaster on 3RRR, a comedy cabaret performer and an Associate Teacher of Design at Monash University. Previously he was the head of Content at The School of Life Australia where he led the recruitment and training of the school’s facilitators and the review and management of class and workshop content.
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