Immersed in Theology

Immersed in Theology

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Ep. 18 The Fight for Life Amidst COVID-19
April 14, 2020

This Episode features Andrew, Luke, and Emerson. 

Ep. 17 Why the Bible is True
April 03, 2020

This is the discussion and research of the idea Why the Bible is True from a strong apologetics angle. Students used Scripture and non-biblical material to appeal to the skeptic not under the authority of Scripture. Students used history, archeology, ph

Ep. 16 Biblical Justice | Cancel Culture
March 02, 2020

Ben, Austin & Zach discuss Cancel Culture. Pick a social justice movement (feminism, black lives matter, #metoo, anti-wall, etc.) and read the 1st chapter of Wounded Healer (Henri Nouwen). First, through proper research of movements origins, co

Ep. 15 Contemporary issue w/ Andrew, Nate & Zach
February 07, 2020

Zach, Andrew, and Nate discuss the issue of urgency vs. an unhurried life. Assignment: In consultation with mentors and ministry leaders, students identify a contentious contemporary issue, either withintheir ministry context or outside their churc

Ep. 14 Pastoral Calling
January 17, 2020

This episodes discussed Pastoral Calling. 

Ep 14 Nine Lies About Work w/ Ben & Zach
October 04, 2019

This conversation is about the book Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World by Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall. This conversation has: Ben Forsythe Zach Yaciw

Ep. 13 The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
August 19, 2019

 This episode we discuss The Gospel in a Pluralist Society by Lesslie Newbigin.  We discuss the key themes and how it has reinforced or refined our understanding of the gospel. In this conversation: Zach Yaciw Ben Forsythe  Nate Harrison

Ep. 13 The Bible is True
June 28, 2019

This conversation is about the legitimacy of the Bible and different arguments around the Bible. In this conversation is: Danny  Luke Ben

Ep. 12 The Bondage Breaker
May 28, 2019

 Today's conversation is about the book: The Bondage Breaker: Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings, Habitual Sin by Neil T. Anderson.  On today's conversation: Danny Gascho Luke Bosma Andrew Shields

Ep. 11 The Lost World of Adam and Eve Part 2 (Group 2)
May 21, 2019

This conversation is about the book: The Lost World Of Adam And Eve by John H. Walton. In today's conversation: Ben ForsytheAndrew ShieldsDanny Gascho