Podcast: High Performance For Youth Athletes

June 22, 2021

High Performance For Youth Athletes (54 Minute watch/listen- Time Stamps below to jump to topics on video)

Director of High Performance For The Chicago Cubs, Dr. Adam Beard, shares the latest information on high performance for youth sports parents. He gives great insight into so many topics; a few are; tips for maximizing performance, youth athletes and strength, conditioning, sports psychology, recovery, heat vs. cold, and electrolytes and sports drinks.


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Time Stamps For Topics

1:37: What is “high performance” and “sports science”?
2:57: Challenges of getting multiple disciplines to work together
4:00: Differences between U.S. sports and sports in other places in the world
6:00: Resistance and skepticism toward sport science
7:40: Tips for helping athletes maximize performance
10:54: Developing athletes
12:25: Kids and strength training
14:41: Finding a qualified strength coach
15:22: Skill-specific strength training
16:58: Looking at sport improvement from a holistic perspective; using film and checklists to improve skills
17:54: The psychology of performance and training our body to perform under pressure; how the body self-organizes
19:02: Learning can be accelerated by controlled mistakes and growth mindset
19:47: Recovery tips
24:00: It’s easy to take short-cuts; stacking positive habits
25:35: Heat vs. cold for recovery
29:34: Massage guns and massages
31:22: Placebo effects and doing no harm
32:28: Stretching, warming up, and cooling down
37:00: Injury prevention
43:00: Electrolytes and sports drinks
47:00: Importance of using a performance log or journal
48:15: Catchers and maintaining knee health
50:27: Improving ankle and hip mobility
52:03: Women and ACL prevention


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