Illuminating Anorexia & Eating Disorder Recovery

Illuminating Anorexia & Eating Disorder Recovery

How to be media-smart & protect yourSELF

February 14, 2017

“Love is On”…says Revlon and the message is that your lovability is dependent on appearance. Don’t be sold a lie. More on this in this podcast.
Gwen a podcast listener expressed her frustration at being “bombarded by images that make normal people look horrible.” Apart from unplugging what else can we do? Here’s a few thoughts:

* Step back, take a breath, put your scientist cap on, and ask yourself:

* What is the message behind this image?
* What product or service am I being sold?
* What do I think about this?

* Talk back to the image/image creators, out loud if you can. Eg., “The message here is…. and what I think about that is….!” (“What a load of rubbish!”) – let your brain hear you! This is surprisingly empowering and reinforcing!
* Fight back (where you believe it’s worth your time and effort) – write to the creators/advertisers; boycott the product.
* Limit your exposure to images and media that affect you negatively.

* Ask yourself, what effect is this media/exposure having upon my thoughts and feelings towards my body, my SELF?

* Increase your exposure to activities, pursuits, and people that make you feel good about your self and comfortable in your skin

Thanks Gwen for sharing. Great to hear from you because your question, frustration or concern will be someone else’s too.
Feedback and questions welcome.