I Hate Green Beans with Lincee Ray

I Hate Green Beans with Lincee Ray

IHGB #235 -- Bachelor in Paradise Week 6: Rose Hunting

September 23, 2021

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty, dear reader. There are only three weeks left to celebrate the pending proposals of those who found love on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, and for some reason, ABC thinks we need THREE HOURS to start wrapping this mother up next Tuesday. 

There's absolutely nothing we can do about it. Like a looming tropical storm heading straight for us, we will have to hunker down and hang on until our pallet cleanse known as Michelle arrives in October.

This is why I'm glad you have us to help you narrow down the important details of this episode. Some Guy in Austin and I are here for you as we ask the big questions:

* Is Ivan a villain?* What is the liklihood that salsa dripped into Mari's nether regions?* Does Kendall still love Grocery Store Joe? Or was she having a minor nervous breakdown?* Why did the cast move like a herd of decript turtles when they were told they needed to evacuate immediately?* And how many made a beeline for the bar to get a margarita to go?

My guess is at least half.


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