Igniting Innovation

Igniting Innovation

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Banking Monsters and Myths with Samantha Emery
May 16, 2024

Samatha (Sam) Emery is a formidable change agent - a genuine "force of nature" within the financial services industry in the UK and beyond. Having held prominent positions at RBS, the FCA, Lloyds Bank

The Context Chasm in today’s remote first working world – with Leda Glyptis
October 20, 2023

How do you cross the yawning chasm of lack of context in today's remote-first, distributed working environment? If you're in a management position, you might not even be aware of it or even worse, you

Theo Lau on Monsters and Myths faced by Women in the Workplace
September 20, 2023

Theo is saddened, angry and frustrated by the very real Monsters she has encountered as a woman in the workplace over the last three decades. - Sadly the solutions put forward so far have all been Myt

Ajit Chambers takes a different view of who the monsters really are
August 10, 2023

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later on a show that hosts changemakers - Ajit Chambers turned the concept on its head and took a contrarian view of who the Monsters are and how manufacturing My

“the one with the cult” – Thea Loch
July 21, 2023

Thea Loch has significant experience of driving change and transformation from "both sides" of the fence - initially as a consultant and currently as the Head of Group Optimisation at Lloyds Banking G

Nikolas Venios talks about the problems with ideas
April 06, 2022

The problem with ideas is that they're not really useful if you're solving the wrong problem in the first place! That's just one of the many insights shared by Nikolas (Nik) Venios, Founder of The Ide

Lou Smith talks Change and Transformation
March 30, 2022

Transformation is tough - there, I've said it! People are naturally resistant to change and when a transformation project is announced, many people will immediately hide behind their barriers and thro

Imposter Syndrome Monsters and Myths with Tara Halliday
July 08, 2021

Have you encountered the Imposter Syndrome Monster yet? Have you ever felt that your skills and experience are simply "not enough" for you to open your mouth and provide an opinion in front of your pe

Technology Monsters and Myths shared by Technology Leader Pedro Pinto
May 23, 2021

Pedro Pinto is a Technology Leader whose teams have been responsible for many groundbreaking innovations across multiple industries over the years. As is always the case with the Tribe of Troublemakers (aka fellow innovators),

Tony Hughes shares the top Monsters and Myths of Sales
April 11, 2021

Sales is the biggest monster I have faced and have yet to overcome. We ALL have to "sell" at some point in our life - to get a job or promotion, to find a romantic partner, to get investment or support of an idea, to be accepted in a team - and many,