Igniting Innovation

Igniting Innovation

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Nikolas Venios talks about the problems with ideas
April 06, 2022

The problem with ideas is that they're not really useful if you're solving the wrong problem in the first place! That's just one of the many insights shared by Nikolas (Nik) Venios, Founder of The Ide

Lou Smith talks Change and Transformation
March 30, 2022

Transformation is tough - there, I've said it! People are naturally resistant to change and when a transformation project is announced, many people will immediately hide behind their barriers and thro

Imposter Syndrome Monsters and Myths with Tara Halliday
July 08, 2021

Have you encountered the Imposter Syndrome Monster yet? Have you ever felt that your skills and experience are simply "not enough" for you to open your mouth and provide an opinion in front of your pe

Technology Monsters and Myths shared by Technology Leader Pedro Pinto
May 23, 2021

Pedro Pinto is a Technology Leader whose teams have been responsible for many groundbreaking innovations across multiple industries over the years. As is always the case with the Tribe of Troublemakers (aka fellow innovators),

Tony Hughes shares the top Monsters and Myths of Sales
April 11, 2021

Sales is the biggest monster I have faced and have yet to overcome. We ALL have to "sell" at some point in our life - to get a job or promotion, to find a romantic partner, to get investment or support of an idea, to be accepted in a team - and many,

Jason Mars shares Artificial Intelligence Monsters and Myths
April 05, 2021

Prof. Jason Mars PhD is one of the world leaders in the realm of "conversational artificial intelligence" (THE world leader by my personal assessment!). He is on a mission to have a meaningful impact on the lives of every human and if you take a look a...

Stan Horwitz shares Digital Transformation Monsters and Myths
February 27, 2021

Stan Horwitz is an internationally certified and accredited Master OD, Change and HR specialist (UK CIPD Fellow equivalent) who has encountered many Monsters and Myths over the course of his career as he strives to drive change and transformation acros...

Becky Downing shares the biggest Monsters and Myths encountered by Entrepreneurs
February 13, 2021

Becky Downing is a serial entrepreneur who started trying to change the world way back when she was still in school (it didn't go as planned - you'll have to watch / listen to find out what happened). She went on to be one of the few female founders gl...

Monsters And Myths impact mental health of entrepreneurs and founders – Kent Vorland
February 04, 2021

Kent Vorland is no stranger to Change and Transformation. Having started his career in the Norwegian Air-force, progressing on to gaining an Economics degree in the USA after which he spent time on Wall street before moving to the UK to start his own c...

S2E010 Rosie and Faris Yakob – Creative Monsters and Myths
January 14, 2021

Rosie and Faris Yakob are the geniuses behind the nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals. They have traveled the world and worked with amazing individuals and organisations of all sizes, accumulating a long list of accolades and achievements along ...