If Cain were Able

If Cain were Able

Episode 9: Righteous – ICWA009

October 19, 2017

Roberta Marquez’s refusal to follow orders saves a life. Kelly shield's propaganda machine, along with her governments ruthless actions in-avertedly creates an opposing group, called the righteous, who are focused on bringing down her regime and getting revenge.

Paul Hope is duped by a part of Kelly Shield’s propaganda, and subsequently his psychological issues regarding his family are taken advantage of, and his bond with his family is broken, as he begins to view them as adversaries.

Circumstances force Tristan Hope to change, as he and his mother go on the run and try to find Paul Hope.

Commissioner Lisa Rayner begins an investigation into the homicides of the mothers who were murdered after the titan virus struck.

Hillary Metcalf continues her queries into charlotte reef and Helena Clarke puts her and her colleague on MI5's radar.

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