If Cain were Able

If Cain were Able

Episode 7: opinion turns – ICWA007

October 05, 2017

Kelly finds out about the first homicide since the titan virus struck, and immediately goes into crisis management and spin mode.

The weird circumstances surrounding the murder, which includes a mother’s young baby being found near her corpse, in a house that is locked and that has no signs of forced entry, leads to the government trying to suppress the story.

However, by the end of the week, there are four more gruesome murders, the media suggest that there has been a government cover up, and that the victim’s children are responsible for their own mother’s deaths.  

Before long a substantial amount of public opinion turns against the children, setting in motion the government’s plan to contain the problem. Eve Hope openly challenges Kelly shield's plan to contain the problem, arguing that it is inhumane.

Subsequently, Kelly perceives Eve as a threat and takes drastic measures to neutralise her.   

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