Identity Politics

Identity Politics

Latest Episodes

Episode 67: The Final Episode
August 17, 2021

It’s been months but we still wanted to end things properly. Here’s the final episode. Hibba gets intimate with Ikhlas and Makkah on the end of a journey.

Episode 66: Allah Centered Self Love with The Village Auntie
April 11, 2021

On this episode, Makkah and Ikhlas share why they decided to end the show and what’s next. Later, they talk to Angelica Lindsey-Ali a.k.a The Village Auntie about Allah centered self love.

Episode 65: A Time for Restoration
March 12, 2021

Ikhlas and Makkah continue the conversation from last episode and talk to Muneera Fontaine about restoring the womb and what a graceful birth can look like. Dr. Muneera Fontaine, Ed.d is the owner of

Episode 64: Process and Healing Through Pregnancy Loss
March 04, 2021

Ikhlas and Makkah go into detail on how they transitioned through pregnancy loss. What helped, what didn’t, what support looks like and what it feels like to be on the other side of it. https://media.

Episode 63: How to Move Through Change
February 16, 2021

Change is tough, it’s uncomfortable, sometimes exciting and something we all have to go through several times in our lives. Change is inevitable. So how do you move through it? Makkah and Ikhlas talk

Episode 62: Healing as a Journey
November 21, 2020

With Covid resurfacing so much trauma, therapists have taken to instagram to help folks cope. But what does the journey to healing actually look like? Ikhlas and Makkah talk to Dr. Kameelah Rashad abo

Episode 61: Joy and Rest
October 26, 2020

Ikhlas and Makkah come back from an extended break and explore what joy and rest means to them in this space, time and age.

BONUS Episode: A Conversation on Friendship and Faith w/ Black Iftar
May 22, 2020

We go LIVE with Black Iftar to chat about creating a community of people you love, trust, and keep you inspired in your journey towards Allah.

Episode 60: How to Make Meaning When You’re in the Thick of It
April 19, 2020

To wrap up Season 7, Ikhlas, Hibba and Makkah sit down to check in, make sense of a post-COVID world and prep for a Ramadan unlike any other.

Episode 59: It’s Funny Because It’s True (ft. Nadirah Pierre)
March 16, 2020

We chat with real life stand-up comedian and social media satirist, Nadirah Pierre about navigating the comedy scene while staying true to herself and her community as a Black Muslim woman.