Let's Talk About Digital Identity

Let's Talk About Digital Identity

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The LEI: A catalyst for universal digital identity with Clare Rowley of GLEIF – Podcast Episode 24
June 17, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). In episode 24, Clare and Oscar delve into the world of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) – what exactly is an LE...

Dissecting biometrics with Onfido’s Director of Product, Susana Lopes – Podcast Episode 23
June 03, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Susana Lopes, Director of Product at Onfido. In episode 23, Oscar talks to Susana about what biometrics enable that other identifiers can’t; the importance of anti-spoofing (liveness); privacy concerns around bio...

Fast-tracking identity digitalisation in the ‘new normal’ with Simon Wood, Ubisecure CEO – (Bonus!) Podcast Episode 22
May 25, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Simon Wood, CEO of Ubisecure. In episode 22, we're featuring a bonus lockdown episode in which Oscar talks to Simon about how the current pandemic has changed, and is still changing,

Spicing Up Identity & Access Management Compliance with Cybercom’s Bengt Berg – Podcast Episode 21
May 20, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Bengt Berg, Head of Compliance Management Services at Cybercom.

The API Economy and the role of identity in API security with Marjukka Niinioja – Podcast Episode 20
May 06, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Marjukka Niinioja, co-author of API Economy 101 and Founding Partner at Osaango. Why are APIs not just a technical issue, but a business issue as well? In episode 20,

Decentralised identity with blockchain: Sid Desai, REMME – Podcast Episode 19
April 22, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Sid Desai, Director at REMME. In episode 19, Oscar talks to Sid about what exactly a decentralised ID is, its benefits, use cases and open standards such as the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification from...

How the Certificate Authority plays a critical role in identity with DigiCert’s Dean Coclin – Podcast Episode 18
April 01, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Dean Coclin, Senior Director, Business Development at DigiCert. In episode 18, Oscar is joined by Dean Coclin, representing the world's largest public Certificate Authority (CA) – DigiCert.

Confronting issues in Kenya’s national identity scheme with Grace Mutung’u – Podcast Episode 17
March 04, 2020

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Grace Mutung'u, internet policy advocate and research fellow at CIPIT. "We need to think about identities before thinking about applications of digital technologies." This week,

Exploring Mobile Connect with GSMA’s Niklas Bergvall – Podcast Episode 16
February 19, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Niklas Bergvall, Chair of the Mobile Connect Interest Group at GSMA. In episode 16, Niklas fills us in on how mobile operators around the world have joined forces to build a standard for strong authentication and...

The latest in finger-vein biometrics with Andy Milton, Hitachi – Podcast Episode 15
February 05, 2020

Let's talk about digital identity with Andy Milton, Head of Channels at Hitachi Digital Security. In episode 15, Oscar talks to Andy about Hitachi's pioneering finger-vein biometrics – VeinID Five. Hear about its use cases (present and future),