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81: Episode 79: Yumas Everywhere For Those With Eyes To See (Worlds Preview 2024!)
March 18, 2024

In this episode, Meghan and Neda do some non-linear storytelling (gasp!) in order to recap Euros and Four Continents AND preview Worlds all in the very same episode--call that a triple threat! Featuring: Bernie Sanders, a huge lore dump about the weird Bu

80: Episode 78: Here's To The Ambers Who Lunch (US Nationals 2024!)
February 18, 2024

HAPPY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY TO US! US Nationals are always a special event in the Ice Tea Podcast household and this year is just as unforgettable (thanks, brain supplement sponsor!)Featuring: the elderly, young ingenues, Brian Cox, reverse Pokemon, and Shan

79: Episode 77: The Ted/Mark Swirl (The Grand Prix Final 2024!)
February 18, 2024

Neda and Meghan reflect on the 2023 Grand Prix Final and bring everything full circle with the triumphant return of Shoma In A Baby Bjorn. Featuring: Baking and looking at your friends, Kagiyama Freaky Friday, and lovers to coaches to besties. FOLLOW U

78: The Importance of Being Ernest Young-Stripper (NHK Trophy 2023!)
December 08, 2023

Neda and Meghan wrap up this season's Grand Prix events with a look back at the unpredictable and exciting NHK Trophy 2023! Featuring: piggybacking, camp masculinity, ice rink backrooms, Bella from Twilight in a Temple Grandin squeeze machine, and Anxiety

77: Episode 75: Flip 3 Toads (Grand Prix Espoo 2023)
November 24, 2023

There's girl math, boy math, and then there's GPF qualifier math. In this episode Meghan and Neda start to try to wrap their minds around numbers as they recap the Grand Prix Espoo 2023 and realize we are nearing Final! AAAAH! No we're fine it's fine. Fea

76: Episode 74: Junji Ito's Yuri On Ice (Cup of China 2023)
November 24, 2023

In this episode Meghan and Neda say the word "unhinged" even more than usual which can only mean one thing: CUP OF CHINA 2023, BABY! Featuring Boring Dorian Grey, the uncanny valley, the shrimp and the crabs, coq au vin, little anime eyes, and urban plush

75: Episode 73: The Roast of Alois Lutz (Grand Prix de France 2023!)
November 12, 2023

In this episode, Meghan and Neda host the comedy roast of Alois Lutz, in honor of the Grand Prix de France 2023! Featuring: litigious Yoshi, a cool chill Earth who likes to party, The Philadelphia Gritties, and the judgement of the Oratrice Mechanique d'A

74: Episode 72: Skate Canada 2023!
November 04, 2023

In this episode, Meghan and Neda revisit Skate Canada 2023! Featuring: science, theater reviews, car crashes (?), and fantasy sporks.FOLLOW USthe bird app @IceTeaPod@meghankelleher3@NedaMarie@QuestLaidPlansinstagram @IceTeaPod@NedaMarie@n_icesk

73: Episode 71: Skate America 2023!
October 27, 2023

Welcome to SEASON FIVE BABY!! In this episode, Meghan and Neda kick off another Grand Prix Series by recapping the epic highs and lows of Skate America 2023. Featuring: The Space Olympics, the triumphant return of Clappin' N' Slappin', Byzantine automata,

72: Episode 70: Worlds 2023!
April 12, 2023

In this episode, Meghan and Neda revisit the 2023 World Figure Skating Championships! Featuring maybe the dumbest joke ever made on this podcast. FOLLOW UStwitter @IceTeaPod@meghankelleher3@NedaMarie@QuestLaidPlansinstagram @IceTeaPod@NedaMarie@