I Talk Shit

I Talk Shit

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Episode 4 : Telling my sister about sewing Machine
October 16, 2020

We have decided to talk about one topic, invention daily. So I thought why not to record it, and here we are with some facts and explanations about sewing machine.

Episode 3: Talk with the Mother of Dragons | A 13 year old girl
August 11, 2020

A 13 year old hyperactive girl named as the Mother of Dragons, a girl who is full of ideas and intellect talks about bullying, judgements, social norms. Just like lotus, a girl who is surrounded by toxicity finds a way to bloom through her passion.

FUDS : Fears, Uncertainties & Doubts
July 28, 2020

This podcast talks about not only WHY you should replace your FUDS with positive thoughts but also HOW you can do it. There is also some homework for you inside this.

On the Spot questions with Crazy Moon
July 26, 2020

It's some no nonsense talk with a nonsense human having some sense.

Gibberish things Murphy talks about at night.
June 27, 2020

Trust me on this, you don't want to hear it. But if you still go ahead and listen to it then throw out your judgemental shoes out somewhere. Because the humble abode of Merry Murphy prohibits the entry with those shoes on.

Episode 2: Self Realisation | Self Musing | Story
June 20, 2020

This podcast talks about things we need to realise and to ignore. Awareness of your true self is the difference between feeling empowered or feeling like a victim. To connect DM me on insta @_merrymurphy_

Episode 1: Bachpan ki yaadein | Childhood Memories
May 16, 2020

Childhood holds lots of precious and always close to your heart memories. Venture into the childhood memories of Merrry Murphy and try to find yours.

Sach batana yr miss krte ho na...
April 18, 2020

In this quarantine we all are missing our friends, those outings, fun loving moments. Our crazy psychopaths who make our lives a little bearable. This poem is dedicated to those friends.

I am grateful ( 5 April, 2020)
April 07, 2020

Just a gratitude audio which you shouldn't hear.

April 04, 2020

Glimpse of how I make philosophy out of adventure.