I Don't Speak German

I Don't Speak German

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BONUS PREVIEW: Bonus Ep33 Air Force One (1997)
April 29, 2024

We begin our celebration of America's months-long presidential election with the first in a projected bonus series on movies about the US President. In this edition, we look at 1997's Air Force One. E

125: Cantwell on Grindr
April 23, 2024

An entire episode of Cantwell news. And it ain't nice. Content Warnings. Show Notes: Please consider donating to help us make the show and stay ad-free and independent. Patrons get exclusive access

PUBLIC BONUS: Talking About Gaza, with Eiynah Mohammed-Smith
April 16, 2024

Daniel is joined by friend-of-the-pod and regular guest/collaborator Eiynah Mohammed-Smith (Polite Conversations, Woking Up, ) to talk about Israel's genocide in Gaza, and in particular about some

PUBLIC BONUS: Cis Solidarity with Trans Struggle, Jack in Conversation with Rowan Fortune & Twilight O'Hara
March 08, 2024

Another free public bonus in which Jack steps sideways a little from the usual IDSG focus. In this episode, Jack hosts a conversation with comrades Twilight O'Hara & Rowan Fortune of about their bli

BONUS PREVIEW: Oppenheimer (2023)
March 04, 2024

Daniel and Jack discuss Christopher Nolan's 2023 film Oppenheimer. Exclusive for Patreon subscribers. Please consider donating to help us make the show and stay independent. Patrons get exclusive ac

News Brief: Nazis at CPAC
February 29, 2024

Nazis are mingling at CPAC, networking and sharing ideas. We delve into a couple of them for you. Content Warnings Show Notes: Please consider donating to help us make the show and stay ad-free and i

Hangin' out with Eiynah 6: Dystopian Propaganda
February 21, 2024

Our latest X Space with our friend Eiynah Muhammed Smith. ( ) Discussing the dystopian propaganda around Israel's ongoing genocidal assault on Gaza, from racist Twitter 'hasbara' to IDF TikTok / Inst

News Brief: Blood Tribe March in Nashville
February 19, 2024

A trial balloon for a new format. Relatively brief, topical, news update episodes. We might do more of this going forward. This one is a response to the recent march of masked neo-nazis waving swastik

124: The Collapse of the National Justice Party
February 19, 2024

We're back. It's cool. What isn't cool is the National Justice Party. Because it doesn't exist any more. And it wasn't cool when it did. It was shit. And that's why... well, listen to the episod

UNLOCKED! Bonus Ep11 The Dark Knight (Part 2)
February 16, 2024

Part 2 of our epic Dark Knight chat. Since we spent the entirety of the last one moaning about the technical shortcomings of Christopher Nolan's 2008 Batman vs the Joker movie, this time we - being w