I Apologize In Advance

I Apologize In Advance

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007 Geoffrey - "Catching It In My Hands"
November 06, 2015

Geoffrey is swept up in a relationship where here's showered with over the top romantic gestures, but when he tries to return his boyfriend's generosity things going terribly, terribly, terribly wrong.  Did I mention that it was terrible (hint,...

006 Holly - "It's Fine"
October 26, 2015


005 Michael - "Old Beaus"
October 20, 2015

Michael develops a complicated relationship with an older man after moving to New York to become an actor, and is forced to navigate the unknown waters of his real sexual identity.  Katie and Aaron discuss age and power dynamics, and ask the...

004 Ash - "Doesn't Know That I Know"
October 13, 2015

Katie and Aaron discuss Sexy Skype Conversations, Long Distance Relationships and misrepresenting yourself online, all brought up in a story told by Ash, about a seemingly nice guy with a big secret. Also, WW-Duran Duran-Do? and a Missed Connection...

003 Patrick - "Dolls Everywhere"
October 06, 2015

After a connection gets hot and heavy online, Patrick meets up with a girl who ends up having a surprise fetish.  Katie and Aaron discuss a new dating app and how Pee Wee Herman would get out of an awkward situation.  Katie does a Russian...

002 Allison - "A Couple of Thanksgiving Turkeys"
September 29, 2015

Katie and Aaron discuss the merits of planned versus unplanned threesomes, lame messages from guys, and the dogs of Tinder in this episode starring Allison, who pulls us into her awkward threeway in the story we're calling, "A Couple of Thanksgiving...

Billy - "Do The Grown-Up"
September 22, 2015