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HR DesignCast

Nicole Dessain – HR Design Thinking Consultant and CEO at talent.imperative on Creativity in HR and Building HR Community

March 09, 2019

Nicole has a design superpower...she can connect the dots. Such as, connecting the dots between creativity and human resources.

As a former head of talent strategies and Top 5 management consulting firm executive with a rich history of bringing creative solutions and an entrepreneurial approach to elevating companies’ talent practices. Nicole has successfully quantified the value design thinking brings to organizations.

Nicole has worked with amazing companies over her 17-year career from giants like Accenture, Cisco, Comcast, Mercedes-Benz, BASF, UNIQLO and Walgreens to small but mighty organizations like Grubhub, Arity (an Allstate tech spin off), IDEO, DisruptHR, Farmer's Fridge, i.c.stars and NBA’s Orlando Magic.

Today, she is leading a movement that aims to make organizations more people-centric through the power of design thinking.

Twitter: @NicoleDessain


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