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McLean Donnelly – Design and Strategy Executive, The Opportunity for HR in D&I, Experience Economy, and Impact

August 14, 2018

McLean Donnelly is a design and strategy executive who has worked at top industry names such as Target, Expedia, and Shutterstock. More recently, he is a founding partner at The Makery Group, a new kind of user experience design company that is motivated to create impact with every project. Twenty-five percent of all profits go directly to the Makery apprenticeship for low-income students who learn and work at The Makery, learning valuable design and technology skills in a real world setting.

I sat down with McLean at The Makery, in Minneapolis, MN and had a fun and wide ranging discussion. In this session, we go in depth on what the experience economy is, the opportunity HR has related to the gig and experience economy, diversity and inclusion, and specific user experience tools and techniques that HR can use today to create value for your organization.

I know you will enjoy this conversation with McLean Donnelly as much as I did! Enjoy!

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