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The HP Lexicon Podcast

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OP36: Of Magic and Duels Part Two
July 11, 2021

In my last podcast, I talked about the first of two magic duels in chapter 36 of Order of the Phoenix, the one between Harry and Bellatrix. Now its time to move on to the main event, the massive duel

Of Umbridge and Macnair
July 06, 2021

Umbridge is one of those characters the reader is supposed to hate and despise, but she isnt a Death Eater, shes just a nasty person. Sirius sums this up well by saying The world isnt split into g

OP36: Of Magic and Duels Part One
July 03, 2021

In this podcast were going to take a look at the incredible magical duels in chapter 36 of the Order of the Phoenix. Before we get to the main duel in the chapter, however, that between Voldemort and

Season Three is Here!
July 02, 2021

Season Three is Here! Hello, everyone. Back in January, 2018, I created a new short-form podcast called The Harry Potter Lexicon Minute. I had planned on a shorter title The Harry Potter Minute bu

Half-Blood Prince 7-24 Canon Celebration
November 22, 2020

Summer is over and it is time to return to Hogwarts. Harry has lessons with Professor Dumbledore to look forward to. He becomes surprisingly talented in Potions class and works hard as the new Captain

Order of the Phoenix 1-9 Canon Celebration
October 18, 2020

Everything turns a bit darker in Book Five. Lord Voldemort has returned. Dementors show up in unexpected places. And Harry is unhappy, even when he has re-joined his friends before the end of the summer. Ready to find out why? Let’s go!

Goblet of Fire 1-10 Canon Celebration
September 20, 2020

We now start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a book with several exciting events for Harry and his friends to experience. We go back to the Weasleys and attend an international event where a disaster takes place. What more can happen?

The History of the History of the Wizarding World
September 12, 2020

In the early 2000s, Harry Potter fans debated the possible range of dates for the saga. Small clues like the reference to a PlayStation in book four were discussed in detail. Since the PlayStation w

Prisoner of Azkaban 1-5 Canon Celebration
August 23, 2020

Welcome to the third book in the series, The Prisoner of Azkaban! Many fans consider this to be their favorite Harry Potter novel. Harry is another year older, another face-off with Voldemort under his belt.

Chamber of Secrets 6-12 Canon Celebration
August 02, 2020

Welcome to the fifth installment of our celebration series! Weve been warned not to return to Hogwarts, met some new allies and foes, and accidentally broken one of the most fundamental rules of wiza