HPE: High Point Talks

HPE: High Point Talks

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Remembering 'The Bad News Bears'
September 13, 2019

While there’s lots of excitement with the kickoff of the new NFL season, baseball is entering its most exciting time of the year with championship games looming around the corner. So what better way to commemorate baseball than revisiting the classic m...

The Six Million Dollar Podcast
September 04, 2019

This week, Mark and Joe delve into one of their favorite childhood TV shows, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” as they learn some interesting tidbits from the smash hit that spawned action figures, trading cards and more.

August 28, 2019

In honor of the kickoff of college football season, Mark and Joe revisit the classic inspirational sports movie “Rudy” and discover some interesting facts. What did the movie get right? What did it get wrong? Also,

Fantasy football and 'The Office'
August 22, 2019

With the rapid approach of a new NFL season, the PoDDCouple welcome special guest Daniel Kennedy, writer for The Thomasville Times and Archdale-Trinity News, and talk about their favorite fantasy football picks for the year. Also,

What did the PoDDCouple know, and when did they know it?
August 07, 2019

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon, and the PoDDCouple mark the occasion by revisiting the award-winning film “All the Presidents Men.” See how much you remember about the movie by playing along with a qu...

'Happy Days' are here again
July 31, 2019

Ayyyy! Can you believe it’s been 45 years since the hit television show “Happy Days” hit the airwaves? The PoDDCouple revisit this classic sitcom and learn some interesting tidbits. Wait till you hear who almost landed the job of Fonzie! Plus,

They Rode a Blazing Saddle
July 18, 2019

In honor of the 45th birthday of the irreverent Mel Brooks comedy classic “Blazing Saddles,” Mark and Joe discover some interesting facts about the movie and test their knowledge with a 10-question quiz. Play along with them at the end of the podcast t...

The Beginning of a Beautiful Podcast
July 11, 2019

This week, the PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise political reporter Paul Johnson to talk about perhaps the most quotable movie of all time, “Casablanca.” Learn some interesting facts about the film and its cast and play along with a quiz on the film at the...

The PoDDCouple: A most bodacious podcast
June 27, 2019

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the classic teen comedy “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and the recent announcement of a 2020 sequel, Mark and Joe talk about the film and put themselves to the test with a 15-question quiz.

Podcast: Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!
June 14, 2019

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the cult comedy classic film “Revenge of the Nerds,” Mark and Joe discuss their favorite moments from the film and put themselves to the test with a 20-question quiz at the end of the podcast.