How to be a Redhead

How to be a Redhead

S5, Ep 12: Loving Your Red Hair + Body Positivity Are Connected with Grace Todd

June 23, 2023

If Grace's page popped up on your FYP, consider yourself lucky. That's how we found her and have loved her ever since. More about her: Grace is an Austin-based body-positive and fashion influencer as well as a life-long natural redhead. She is passionate about health, wellness, self-love, and coherence with body positivity. In addition to her social media presence, Grace is a single mom and graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Questions for Interview

1. What was it like for you growing up as a redhead?

2. As someone who is passionate about body positivity, what advice do you have for listeners who may be struggling with self-acceptance and finding their own confidence?

3. What do you think about the “body neutrality” movement?

4. We wanted to talk about makeup because so many put pressure on themselves much like their body. We know you were part of our Finally Have Brows® - Ultra Fine Redhead Pencil campaign last year. What is your makeup routine like? Do you prefer natural? What makes you feel your best? 

5. You became a mom recently! How has pregnancy affected your body positivity journey? Do you have anything you want to say specifically to moms?

6. How do you protect your skin from the Texas sun? And how do you care for sunburns when you do get them?

7. Looking ahead, what are your future goals for your body positivity work on social media?

Links Mentioned:

1.Intuitive Eating by RDN Evelyn Tribole, MS (Author), RDN Elyse Resch, MS (Author)

2.Finally Have Brows® - Ultra Fine Redhead Pencil

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