How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

S4, Ep 12: Don't Turn Your Hair Tools Up To 450° with Guests from usmooth, Katie Jones & Kara Swallows

November 11, 2022

National #LoveYourRedHairDay trended and we had a great launch for the new redhead mascara line: Finally Have Lashes! Adrienne + Stephanie will catch you up and give you an exciting recap of the special day.

But since today's topic is all about loving your red hair (and frankly - this is a topic near and dear to the H2BAR brand as a whole), we're bringing on two women from the hair brand, usmooth. It's a luxury line of professional hair styling tools for salon & home. We're going back to basics and talking about proper hair care routines, must-have products every redhead should have, styling tool musts, and important (and touching) information about the ucare Foundation.

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Please welcome to today's podcast: Katie Jones and Kara Swallows. Katie does B2B Sales at usmooth and is a licensed cosmetologist. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and has been working with usmooth for 15 years. Kara is the salon owner of West Mane Beauty in Hamilton, OH. She focuses on all the latest color and extension trends. Reds happen to be her favorite color to deliver!

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