How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

S4, Ep 9: Hormonal Skin Tips for Redheads With Guest + Founder of Lotus Moon Skincare, Lake Louise

June 24, 2022

We're back with two special episodes! This first episode is with the founder of Lotus Moon Skincare, Lake Louise. We're discussing hormonal skin and summer skin tips for redheads.

Lake Louise is a respected wellness entrepreneur, healthy-aging strategist, and founder of Lotus Moon Skincare. If you're an H2BAR Box subscriber, you're enjoying two of her items: Lotus Moon Skincare Roll-On Eye Serum (found in the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box) and Willowherb Serum (found in the upcoming July H2BAR Box).


A former high school and college professor, Lake Louise is a Stanford graduate and made her pioneering mark in this competitive arena 20 years ago, introducing the combination of wellness, beauty, and inclusivity. After tedious research centering on plant-based ingredients, she launched her unique line of products; Lotus Moon Skin Care in 2002 and Plain Jane Beauty in 2010. Lake's vision was to blend nature and science to enhance the skin's life cycle. It would also help heal and activate the skin and support the natural aging process beautifully.

We discuss the following topics:

1. How would you define ‘hormonal skin’ for someone listening who may not even know what this term is? How do hormones affect the skin? 

2. What are your top tips for dealing with hormonal acne? 

3. How about things to avoid [if dealing with hormonal acne]? 

4. Exfoliation! It’s a topic we get asked a lot from redheads, especially those dealing with sensitive skin who are afraid to exfoliate. What are your tips for someone with sensitive skin but looking to exfoliate? 

5. We love the term ‘We Believe in Healthy Aging, Not Anti-Aging’ stated on your website. Can you discuss this more? 

6. Let's talk about the Lotus Moon Skincare Roll-On Eye Serum (found in the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box) and Willowherb Serum (found in the upcoming July H2BAR Box). Redheads are enjoying them now and we know they'll love to know more from you!

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