How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

S4, Ep 7: Do Redheads Need More Anesthesia? Featuring Guest & Anesthesiologist, David Sherer, MD

April 08, 2022

You may have heard natural redheads need more anesthesia. Is this true? Is it false? Is it case-by-case? We believe knowledge is power and we wanted to dedicate an entire episode about this topic with an actual anesthesiologist.

We're excited to welcome David Sherer, MD to today's podcast. He's an American anesthesiologist, health/medicine expert, and the author of five books. He is a graduate of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital anesthesia residency program. He is President and Founder of Consolidated Medicine, a medical and healthcare consulting group, and has written on the legal aspects of medicine, the economics of healthcare, and the shortcomings inherent in Western medicine. His website is In 2021, his non-fiction book What Your Doctor Won't Tell You and his novel Into the Ether were nominated for the National Book Award.

He will answer the following questions:

1.They say natural redheads need more anesthesia. Is this true?

2. We have read that redheads need about 20% more anesthesia. Is that percentage accurate or does it change person by person?

3. When we think of anesthesia, we think of surgery and being put under for hours at a time. What about local topical anesthetics, such as novocaine. Do redheads need more of that too?

4. Do anesthesiologists get trained about this in medical school? And is this something to talk to your doctor/surgeon about because it’s fairly new knowledge?

5. We did a whole other podcast episode about why redheads feel less pain, and how our brains process pain differently. They say redheads need to be aware that they are likely more sensitive to pain-killing medication, such as opioids. Are you able to speak about if natural redheads need lower doses of opioids?

6. Are there any other redhead facts you know about in the medical world?

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