How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

S4, Ep 4: FRECKLES! With Guest + Freckled Aesthetician, Haley Torres

February 11, 2022

We're here to talk about one of our favorite topics: FRECKLES! We'll go in-depth about how to take care of freckles, skin routine, acne, redhead skin and more.

Our guest is natural redhead, Haley Smith-Torres. She is known as "The Freckled Aesthetician" on social media. Haley is the owner and solo esthetician behind The Freckled Skin Studio in Forney, TX (outside Dallas). Haley's skin background allows her to specialize in advanced skincare treatments. Her salon specializes in customized facial treatments, face reality acne bootcamp, nano channeling and advanced peel treatments. If you heard “acne bootcamp” and want to know more, we will go into detail with her on today’s podcast. They’re advanced chemical peels and she is able to effortlessly guide her clients on their journey to their best skin because she herself also knows the debilitating tolls acne and other skin concerns can have on one’s mental health. Haley is also an In-House Aesthetician for Dermascope Magazine where she provides insight on continuing education and advises on all things skin. Outside of the Esthetic world she's also a mother to 3 beautiful boys. 

Some of the questions we will ask her:

1.Whenever we interview a redhead, no matter their expertise, we always ask: how was it growing up with red hair? Did you love it / hate it? Do you love it now?

2.Bring us on YOUR redhead skin journey. We know you mentioned being able to relate to your clients who have/had acne and the effect it can take on their mental health.

3.What was your redhead skin like growing up? 

4.Let’s talk about acne a bit more – when a client comes in who has acne, what do you do for them? Is every client's situation different? 

5.Let’s talk freckles! Your salon’s brand is based on the fact that you’re a “freckled aesthetician”. How is freckled skin different? What skin tips do you give clients with freckled skin? 

6.Walk us through it – you have a redhead or something with really sensitive skin come to you for skin help. They have acne, skin that irritates easily. What do you do? What treatments? What skin routine is recommended? 

7.Do you truly feel like redhead skin is different from others? 

8.What does your skin routine look like?

9.What’s your favorite makeup 

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