How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

S4, Ep 2: What is CBD Skincare and Why Should Redheads Use It? With Guest, Sammie Smith, Chief Product Officer at No, Thank You ™ Skincare

January 28, 2022

We're talking about CBD skincare and why redheads should use it! To quickly break down the difference between CBD, hemp seed oil, marijuana.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and known to have medicinal properties. It is legal and is not marijuana and does not make you high. It is extracted from the entire hemp plant.

Hemp oil is only extracted from hemp seeds. It does not make you high and medicinal properties are not as strong as CBD. It is legal.

Marijuana is the plant with a high potency of THC and people smoke or consume it to feel "high". It is illegal in many states.

Our guest is Sammie Smith, natural redhead + Chief Product Officer at No, Thank You ™ CBD Skincare ( She got into skincare when she was 18-years-old while modeling in New York and struggling with acne. Being such a science nerd, she got into researching what was happening to her skin and why. That is pretty much where her love affair with skincare started. A few years later when she moved to Los Angeles, she started studying nutrition in school. This led Sammie to a huge lifestyle shift where she started looking at what was in her products and switched everything to all natural and clean products. This was before the clean beauty movement and there were not many high-quality clean products on the market. So, she decided to start making products herself. A friend asked Sammie to join his CBD start-up company and run the skin care division. This is how she got connected with No, Thank You!

Being able to create products that have such an impact on someone’s self confidence, and makes them feel good about themselves is really what drives her and makes her feel so lucky to do what she does.

Here are a few questions we will ask her on the podcast:

1. For those listening who are new to CBD, what is it? What are its benefits?

2. Why should someone make a switch to CBD?

3.We featured No Thank You’s Face Oil in our most recent Winter Deluxe H2BAR Box ( We love that it’s for those with sensitive skin and combats many characteristics redheads experience such as redness, pigmentation and dark spots. Tell us more about why this brand and product is so unique!

4.How do you choose the right CBD products for your skin type?

5. What’s your absolute favorite skincare product?

6.Let's talk redhead makeup products! What is your favorite?

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