How to be a Redhead

How to be a Redhead

S5, Ep 22: Feeling Super Powerful with the Sensational Singer-Songwriter, Vera Blue

September 01, 2023

On the other side



Sing with us. Chat with us. Today's guest is Celia Pavey, better known as Vera Blue. She is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Australia. She has released 2 studio albums, a live album, and numerous EPs. Her latest album, Mercurial, was released in late 2022.

Follow her on Instagram verabluemusic + listen to her music here

The questions asked were:

  1. What was it like for you growing up with red hair in Australia?
  2. You sing, play the guitar and the violin! Did these talents + interests start super young?
  3. You released your album titled "Mercurial" in late 2022. Which songs from this album have resonated with your fans the most? (131 million streams on Spotify for the song “Rushing Back” and over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify)
  4. In June, you performed at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO to THOUSANDS of people with Illenium + Said The Sky. 40,000?! Wow, how did that feel? We LOVE the song “Other Side”...
  5. How did it feel to do a song with Sir Elton John?! We love “The One” for the motion picture “Sherlock Gnomes”.
  6. You have gorgeous, long hair. You said in an interview with Body+Soul that you love your long hair and want to grow it as long as you can. How long is your hair right now and how long do you want it to be?
  7. We want to know all about how you keep it looking so vibrant! Do you get highlights or use a product to raise the vibrancy of your natural color?
  8. You are from Australia, the land of SUN. How do you protect your skin from sun damage? What is your skincare routine like?
  9. You perform in colorful, dramatic outfits. We especially love the white dress with the twinkly lights you twirled in on YouTube. Is your red hair a factor in which colors you choose to wear?
  10. What’s next for you professionally?

Products mentioned:


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