How to be a Redhead

How to be a Redhead

S5, Ep 18: MORE Dating and Relationship Advice for Redheads with Anna Leonore

August 04, 2023

Early in Season 5 (Episode 2), we talked with a redhead matchmaker and dating coach. We received so many DMs, comments, and emails about the episode. It was also great to hear your dating stories too!

We wanted to bring back the topic and this time we're talking to Anna Leonore. She is a redhead, Registered Nurse, and a TikTok Dating/Relationship Coach (so cool). Her relationship coaching is centered on trauma identification and healing in an effort to form and maintain healthy dating and romantic relationships.

Anna holds several college degrees and certifications, and her extensive trauma education comes from her time working as an emergency and trauma nurse, as well as her specialized training in managing childhood trauma within her years spent navigating the foster care system as a foster and adoptive parent.

Anna has been a relationship coach for the last several years and enjoys sharing her knowledge in an effort to help others navigate the current landscape of the dating world.

Follow her on TikTok @fromthefosters

  1. (A question we ask all our guests) What was it like for you growing up as a redhead?
  2. Have you ever used dating apps yourself, to find love? Or were you married by the time apps got popular?
  3. You have a TikTok series on dating app red flags. We all know what a big red flag looks like, but what are the subtle red flags that most people may not be aware of?
  4. What information should go on a dating profile and what should you withhold until you get to know someone?
  5. By now, we’ve all heard of catfishing. How can you make sure you aren’t being catfished on a dating app?

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