How to be a Redhead

How to be a Redhead

S5, Ep 15: Do Redheads Feel More Pain At The Dentist? With Guest, Dr. Ethan Erwin

July 14, 2023

You might be a redhead who refuses to see the dentist because you experience more pain. Do redheads actually feel more pain at the dentist? Is it a myth? Fact? We are speaking with Dr. Ethan Erwin today. He practices cosmetic and general dentistry, AND he's a natural redhead. He owns Smile Hot Springs in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We asked him some of the following questions:

  1. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, natural redheads have more anxiety about the dentist than people with dark hair due to their resistance to local anesthetics. As a redhead yourself, what was your experience like at the dentist?
  2. Are dentists being trained to expect differences in their redheaded patients?
  3. What would you say to a listener who has been avoiding the dentist for years due to anxiety? 
  4. It can be really hard to tell a doctor, “I need more anesthesia”. They may look at you as if you’re crazy because they have never heard this fact before, or they may disregard you because they think you’re reading out another false fact from TikTok. What’s the best way to tell a doctor about redheads needing more anesthesia? 
  5. What are some options patients can ask for that they may not know about? (Example: I didn’t know Dentists could prescribe a mild sedative like Valium. Some dentists offer laser fillings without any injections)

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